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Manok Na Pula MOD APK Max Level is an android gaming app that can be your Favorite Sportsbook. Today, you may play poker, blackjack, or any other casino game at a casino. All of this is perilous since it is actual money that not everyone has access to.

If you enjoy betting and eating chicken, Manok Na Pula MOD APK Unlimited Money & Dragon Eye is the game for you. Play this online rooster competition game today and earn new chicks to compete against other players.

Manok Na Pula APK MOD file newest version v5.5 for Android is available for free download (100 percent Working). it is the best action game for Android and includes Unlimited Money and Max Level Unlocked features.

In this cock betting game, you may unlock a variety of chickens and compete against other players online. Manok Na Pula MOD APK Max Level is a game that may provide its participants with an unforgettable emotional experience.


If you have a particular interest in chicken wars, this is unquestionably a game for you to add to your library. Players will be able to engage in uncompromising bouts of chickens with exceptional talents in the game.

The game is a spoof of famous cock betting games that are prevalent throughout Asia, particularly in the Philippines. You bet on a chicken fighting another chicken to death. You’ll stake money here, and you’ll obtain lots of strong chickens today. Now you may compete against actual gamers online and improve your chicken to the limit.

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 Max Level Additional Information

  • Name: Manok Na Pula
  • Category: Games, Action
  • Latest Version: v5.5 
  • Package Name: 
  • Updated on: Mar 23, 2022
  • Requirements: 5.0+
  • Developed By: TATAY
  • File Size: 26.95 MB

More About Manok Na Pula MOD APK Max Level

Do you understand how to fight chicken? It is a sport popular in rural regions in most Asian nations. So Manok Na Pula MOD Apk Max level 5.5 is a game simulator for your Android phone. The name is a combination of the Filipino words Manok and pula. Manok signifies chicken, but pula is a battle term.

So Chicken Fight is the entire name. However, there are several sorts of grounds or locations where the game may be played. Modified Manok Na Pula Apk gives you Unlimited Money and Eyes to use without any issues or advertising.

Tatay video games offer Red Hen! Play online against all sorts of poultry. Many sections of Asia, particularly the Philippines, are inundated with popular cock wagering video games.

When you bet on it, a hen will fight another hen to death. Because there are so many good chickens available nowadays, your money will be well invested. You may now wager with real players and also improve your chicken to the top to overcome even the most difficult competitors.

A variety of chickens, like the Manok ni Taguro, SanPedro, and many more, may be unlocked! Tataygames has an abundance of red hens. Online hen games allow you to put your abilities to the test.

The software is free to download and use, but it includes a number of paid features. As a result, you must pay a set fee for each product or feature in the program. We did, however, attempt to locate the Manok Na Pula MOD Apk Max level.

We have not yet gotten this updated version. We also tried a number of these apps, but none of them worked. As a result, we recommend that you obtain the application’s official version.

Because this game does not have a mode app. If we come across an updated application in the future, we will update this article. Please visit our KS for more information about upcoming changes. Go to the website.

TATAY created and provided Manok Na Pula MOD Apk Max level 5.5 for Android smartphones and tablets. It is offered in two languages: Filipino and English. So you don’t mind playing games on your phone.


The psychic game’s bridge application features enjoyable gameplay. You can only rely on one chicken while selecting your warrior. Then, to begin the game, tap the screen.

The game’s winner is awarded money or prizes. You can even slaughter your opponent’s crops in order to acquire as many eyeballs as possible.


After collecting these eyeballs, you will be able to unlock several powerful and gorgeous chickens. As I already stated, the Manok Na Pula Mod app is not accessible. You will purchase or gather additional parts or eyes.

You may utilize the resources in this application to unlock various features and goods. There are several possibilities for campaigning, online play, and locating ostriches.

To play online games in game mode, you will need need a reliable internet connection. To compete with the ostrich, you’ll need a stronger hen and more pars or eyes.

Key Features

  • Money that never runs out
  • Gems with no restrictions
  • Indefinite diamonds
  • Resources that are limitless
  • There are no restrictions on how many you may have.
  • Everything is open.
  • Anti-ban God mode is a unique option that you may activate.
  • Lady Eleanor “No Capacity” CD
  • The download method is simple and free.
  • Free to download, install, and use.
  • Actual self-played video game experience
  • High-quality graphics. HD and 4K resolutions are available.
  • Online multiplayer added additional gameplay elements.
  • Available in several languages.
  • Simple to handle across several devices.
  • Matchmaking systems for automobiles
  • Created by highly skilled developers.
  • A lot of newly improved normal and MOD characteristics.

Manok Na Pula Mod Menu Apk- Unlock All like Unlimited Money, Dragon Eye, Etc.

It will remain the best in the Sports category until someone produces a substantially superior UX style. It was published on December 6, 2021, and they didn’t expect nearly a million people to download it on their Android devices so quickly. This software will operate properly if your device is running 5.0 or above. Otherwise, it will not work.

Cockfighting: The Ultimate Game

Today, there are several hobbies that allow you to earn money. These objects are commonly seen at casinos where people gamble on poker, roulette, blackjack, Big Six Wheel, and other games.

However, in other parts of the world, cockfighting, like horse betting, is still a popular pastime. Specially trained birds will fight until one of them is unable to fight any longer. You might gain or lose money by betting.

However, if you do not want to lose money, you should stick to Manok Na Pula. Although there are numerous parodies today, you can enjoy anything about cockfighting here.

Unlock a variety of birds, including the Manok ni Taguro, Manok na Pula, Manok na Dilaw, Manok na Itim, Manok na Brown, Manok na Berde, Manok na Hubad, and more. Every bird may now be improved!

Game Modes

Cockfighting, as you may be aware, is a gambling game involving real money. However, you may now play a variety of game modes on this site. There’s the Campaign Mode, in which you’ll face off against a series of challenging opponents in the hopes of winning large.

Then there are online matches, in which you may compete against individuals from all around the world! Put your money on the line today to see if you can win. Of course, you risk losing your entire investment!

Unlock a Variety of Birds

You can unlock a number of different birds in Manok Na Pula. Among these are Manok na Robot, Manok na Pink, Manok na Pula, Lechon Manok, Manok na Itim, Manok na Asul, Manok na Samurai, Manok ni Taguro, and more. You can improve the stats of each of these birds separately. Consider attack power, health, critical chance, and armor.


Multiple Places

You may also battle in a number of distinct places in this game. There’s the typical cockfighting ring, as well as lava-filled mountains, cold mountains, and outer space. Today, you may battle in a variety of settings and against a range of formidable opponents.


You may increase your chickens’ stats by upgrading them here. You may now enhance your attack, HP, defense, and many more traits.

A Game of Cock Betting

There are several enjoyable and simple casual games accessible right now. If you enjoy these kinds of games, there are various simple alternatives accessible nowadays.

Cockfighting is a centuries-old entertainment and gambling activity in which two trained birds battle to the death. The sport is still popular across the world, especially in Asia.

This is a great pastime in which you may bet real money against a huge group of people. You may, however, play cockfighting without risking any real money by downloading Manok Na Pula.

You may play this legal cockfighting game right now and unlock a range of birds! Manok ni SanPedro, Manok na Pula, Manok na Itim, Manok na Brown, Manok na Brown, Manok na Brown, Manok na Puti, Manok na Robot,  Each bird has its own attack power, health, critical chance, and armor, which can all be increased.


The gameplay will always be vital in providing gamers with the finest experience possible with any game. Recognizing this, the developers of this game have conducted extensive research in order to provide its users with the greatest product possible.

And it will be Manok Na Pula with incredibly exhilarating and appealing action gameplay that has been heavily incorporated. Beginning with this game, players will be able to experience a strong attraction to unusual events.

The conflict of the hens, which is meticulously structured, will captivate you throughout your game. In addition, the operation that the player must complete in order to operate the game will be smooth and simple.


In order to amp up the drama in the game, the developers have included a specific difficulty system. With this challenge system, players will be able to feel the complexity of Manok Na Pula while also practicing their abilities.

A game with a decent challenge system promises to provide its players with the most engaging experience possible. In your game, you will encounter a variety of foes, each with its own set of capabilities and abilities.

The adversary will have their own fancy appearance with each chicken, and the difficulty will be determined by your skill. The challenge system will organize levels with ratings ranging from low to high for you to engage in. As a result, you will have to continually participate.


The character system has also been meticulously designed in order to provide its players with the most possible variety. The character will be a vehicle through which the user will be able to manage and link his emotions to the game.

As a result, Manok Na Pula has gone through several drawings in order to provide his gamers with the most versatile character system conceivable. When you enter your game, you will be able to select special chicken warrior characters for yourself.

Furthermore, you will be able to select your warriors based on the benefits you obtain from prior triumphs. Regularly upgrading to a chicken character with greater strength numbers can greatly enhance your victory rate.


The context for their activities is one of the last features that the game seeks to convey to its consumers. To develop your theme in the best way possible, you’ll need to generate a new type of context for each game you play.

However, because this is a combat action game, the game’s core setting will change as it goes through its many stages of development.

Beginning with the first combat, participants will fight in a pre-existing arena that has already been furnished with weapons and equipment. And your objective will be to battle your way through the rounds in order to be able to upgrade yourself.

After completing certain levels, you will be able to choose from a range of different battle arenas for your next confrontation. As you continue through the game, you may improve your powers, characters, and levels to gain prizes.

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