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There are hundreds of emulators and ROMs that can be used to run different types of games for Android devices that are not compatible with them. So, today I am going to share with you one such app called “CoolRom Apk”. This app is designed for Android smartphones and tablets.

CoolRom App

If you want to have the biggest and cleanest ROMs, I recommend scrolling to the bottom of this page and hitting the download button. Next, the download button will ask you to select a target file to download the emulator. Select the location where you want to download it.

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Unofficial Cool-Rom app for Android devices, here you will find everything for emulators, ROMs, etc.

Best Things About CoolROM APK App

Coolrom Apk is an Android application or gaming platform that allows users to play retro games. This type of gaming platform is usually not available for Android phones and tablets for some reason.

There are many games in the market that can be played on ROMs or emulators, so people have to install them to play them. There are many such games on the market that you can play for free.

Basically, it’s not a ROM app itself, but it gives you access to those files and gives you the emulator software. I am attaching screenshots of the application where you can see all the files that will be provided to you. There are a lot of them in Zip files, so there are plenty to choose from.

To play these games, you will need a mobile phone that is optimized to provide an easy-to-play environment. This emulator supports SNES NDS GBC NES MAME PSX GAMECUBE N64 GBA SNES NDS GBA SNES NDS GBC and more.


However, these are the main system files that you will have on your phone, and after installing this application, there will be many more. You can also check them later when you install this app on your phone.

It is currently available with a black-colored interface, but you can customize the color by going into the system settings. You must have a specific emulator for each ROM in order to play it, otherwise, you won’t be able to play it. Therefore, it is important to know which emulators support which ROMs.

Additional information and App Specifications

Last UpdatedDec 14, 2022
Size13.22 MB

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  • CoolRom is related to Android games, Arcade Games.
  • It is a completely free app.
  • Clean and easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Download emulators/ROMs and play retro games directly on your Android device!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CoolRom PS2 Bios Support Files?

Yes, the ROM we provide only supports PS2 BIOS games and applications.

Do we offer an Android version of CoolRom?

Yes, here we provide an android compatible version for fans.

Is it safe to install Apk?

Yes, the version we provide is completely safe to install and use.

Does the tool support ads?

No, the version we offer here never allows any third-party ads.

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