Causes of Failure of Democracy in Pakistan

In this world of today, democracy is defined as the government of the people, for the people, and by the people. In a democracy, the people rule over the country through their elected representatives. All are regardless of color, cast, and creed. Here the rights of people are protected through the constitution.

Pakistan is called a democratic state, but democracy has been derailed many times. The military pokes its nose after every ten years. As a result, the democratic system has failed to take its roots. Unfortunately, the democratic process is missing in political parties.

Political parties in Pakistan are usually the personal property of their leaders. Here one can find lifetime chairpersons of certain parties. This headship is shifted to the next relative if the leader dies. So the party leadership becomes a family affair rather than a political affair. As a result of it, democratic values could not be developed so easily in our political system.

The poor can never dream of heading a political party or wearing the robes of ministership. As a result of it, no leader could emerge from the poor streets of society. Almost all the leaders belong to the elite class and have little knowledge of the problems of the poor.

Role of Media for Democracy

Media has always played an important role in highlighting democratic values. That is why media is regarded as a fourth pillar of the state. Pakistani media remained under state control. Now the trend is changing. Private media is exposing the misdeeds of our leaders. Now the people of Pakistan are getting aware of their democratic rights. It is hoped that the media will play a constructive role by observing high standards of healthy criticism.

Healthy criticism of media and opposition keeps the governments within the framework of the constitution. Unfortunately, the governments in Pakistan are not used to criticism. The critics of their policies are called traitors. Similarly, the opposition also has failed to play a positive role. Most of its criticism is against personalities rather than policies.

Religion in Pakistan is used for political purposes. The politicians and religious leaders cheat the emotional people of our land under the cloak of religion. Simple people become their easy tools. They tried to improve our moral values. They play in the hands of dictators. The dictators usually come in the guise of our saviors but soon their real face is exposed. They promise good living for the masses but things never change for the common man. As a result, they end up in moral and democratic decline.

The democratic history of Pakistan has been bleak. The democrats as well as the dictators have been committing undemocratic deeds. The time has come to wash the black spots on the fair face of democracy by adopting justice, fair play, and equality. We are to set up a new standard of democracy to win an honorable place in the comity of nations.

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