Salon Prices

Beach Bum Tanning Prices

Beach Bum Tanning Prices



Beach Pass (Monthly Pricing)

Sunless Pass (with 2 Add-Ons Per Visit)$109.00
Monthly Price (All Access)$109.00
Any Bed Pass (Set Up Fee)$99.00
Start-Up (All Access)$99.00
Any Bed Pass with Sunless Booth$89.00
Sunless Pass$89.00
Any Bed Pass$79.00
Infrared Sweat Pass$79.00
Bronze (Set Up Fee)$30.00
Infrared Sweat Pass (Set Up Fee)$20.00
Sunless Pass (Set Up Fee)$20.00

Grab Upgrades

Airbrush Sessions$20.00
Sunless Booth Sessions$10.00
Sunless Booth Dark Solution$5.00

Face & Body Masks (Where Available)

Diamond Illuminating Collagen Mask$18.00
24K Gold Facial Masks$15.00
24K Gold Hand Mask$15.00
Honey Milk Crystal Mask$12.00
Red Wine Collagen Mask$12.00
Lavender Repair Mask$12.00
Neck Lift Collagen Mask$10.00
Lip Collagen Crystal Mask$10.00
Wine Crystal Eye Slice$5.00
Acne Collagen Crystal Mask$5.00

Spa Services

Sunless Booth

Sunless Booth (12+8 Free)$349.00
Sunless Booth (7+3 Free)$205.00
Sunless Booth (4+1 Free)$115.00
Sunless Booth (Single Session)$29.00


Airbrush (12+8 Free)$469.00
Airbrush (7+3 Free)$275.00
Airbrush (4+1 Free)$159.00
Airbrush (Single Session)$39.00

Infrared Sweat

Infrared Sweat (12+8 Free)$299.00
Infrared Sweat (7+3 Free)$175.00
Infrared Sweat (4+1 Free)$99.00
Infrared Sweat (Single Session)$25.00

Monthly Membership

Spa Membership (30-Day Pass)$119.00


Diamond (12+8 Free)$409.00
Titanium (12+8 Free)$335.00
Platinum (12+8 Free)$275.00
Diamond (7+3 Free)$239.00
Diamond (30-Day Pass)$199.00
Titanium (7+3 Free)$199.00
Titanium (30-Day Pass)$169.00
Platinum (30-Day Pass)$139.00
Platinum (7+3 Free)$159.00
Diamond (4+1 Free)$135.00
Bronze (12+8 Free)$119.00
Titanium (4+1 Free)$115.00
Platinum (4+1 Free)$95.00
Bronze (7+3 Free)$69.00
Bronze (30-Day Pass)$59.00
Bronze (4+1 Free)$39.00
Platinum (Single Session)$23.00
Titanium (Single Session)$28.00
Diamond (Walk-In)$34.00
Bronze (Single Session)$10.00


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