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Another possibility APK says. We ask those who oppose the Church to give it another chance. When you’re feeling down or down, you tell people you have a second chance. And most importantly, you still have a chance!


Another possibility is definitely a dunk, but it’s very close. Well thought a game with many interesting ideas. Rare games of this quality are rare. Having more people on the development team makes things easier and less complicated.

Why Another Chance APK?

First, there are new discoveries that are standardized with each monthly update, including this month’s hidden data, Isabelle’s Love Path.

We are also dedicating this update to bug fixes and quality of life and will try to fix as many bugs as possible. If I could fix 50 mistakes in this game I would play up, down, left, right, in, and out. On the other hand, I cannot guarantee that this version is completely flawless.

I’m sure some of you are looking for an awkward combination of mouse clicks and key presses to find bugs they hadn’t thought of before. But we are getting close. I want this game to be very special. I believe that with each update we will get closer to this goal.

Meanwhile, the ultimate goal is to level up your game with an exciting story. Even if you don’t do much in life, weird situations will give you the chance to live better.

Another Chance Apk App for Android 2023


  • Point and click adventure, dating simulator, and visual novel all in one!
  • An enriching and interesting statistical system
  • It combines unique gameplay with progressive exploration
  • You’ll find only the saddest, prettiest, and most beautiful genetically engineered students and teachers over the age of 20 at New Fell High.

Additional information and App Specifications

NameAnother Chance
Developeradil rashid
Last UpdatedDec 15, 2022
CategoryApk Apps
Size149 MB

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9 Hot Features That Can’t Be Found in Similar Apps

  • Tease yourself and make ridiculous jokes.
  • Choose from several narration options.
  • There are secrets, puzzles, and horror.
  • Take the road to freedom, collect it, enjoy it, and use it!
  • Let us know what you are doing!
  • More than 40 locations planned
  • With more than 20 brands of biscuits.
  • Plenty of money, inventory, ethics, power, meetings, and other systems
  • Walk the halls of New Fall High filled with the saddest, and cutest, biologically disabled kids and teachers.

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