What is a scketh?

Sketch is a word in English whose translation can refer to various meanings within the scope of the works, whether it is captured through drawings or through artistic expressions such as theater, television, among others.

Its various applications can range from a reference to the subgenre of comedy, be it radio, television and theatrical, to a written essay or some type of short composition; it can refer to the sketch of an image or even in itself refer to the action of drawing.

Examples of scketch

  • Comedy

From the point of view of comedy, it is a subgenre belonging to the humorous genre and is mainly based on a scene belonging to a show or show. Its origin is located in the theater, in England, more specifically in the vaudeville, a genre of comedy focused mainly on intrigues and misunderstandings.

With the advent of radio and television, skits were associated with shows of various kinds, comedy shows, and entertainment shows. Today, the sketch has spread to the internet and uses broadcast channels on the different audiovisual reproduction platforms available.

As such, there are different aspects of the genre: there are the sketches that are made up of a series of interdependent pieces, which address an explicit subject or type of character, such as Les Fâcheux, by Molière; and there are the sketches that are rather autonomous, independent pieces.

  • He drew

From the point of view of drawing, the translation of this term can make a substantive allusion to a sketch or sketch that are nothing more than the embodied beginnings of an idea, an image or a projection that you want to capture. In this sense, a sketch can be made for a work, sculpture, painting, among others.


The term sketch is derived from the English sketch , which designates the same type of television frame in a format that is very popular on American television. The term, despite being recurrent in the television context, also appears with the same meaning in theater , radio and cinema.

A sketch tends to be a very short scene, or even a small set of a few short scenes, however a sketch can last 10 minutes or even go by. As they are images generally focused on humor, the success of a survey depends a lot on the comedic talent of the actor, who often with fragments, improvisations and suitable trees manages to give more life and leave more fun to a play.

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