Relational Database Examples

It is defined as a relational database to storage that allows to save a large amount of information which is stored in an orderly way, which is why it can be easily searched later.

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In the relational database the information is related to each other so the collection is done for the management of a company or business in common.

Its objective is to be able to serve several users without harming any of them since it is totally independent since it does not matter which application you use.

10 Examples of Relational Database

  1. Oracle: with this database you can navigate on any operating system. They have a wide variety of profiles which have good experience in technology.
  2. Teradata: this on top of all other databases thanks to the ability it has to store and analyze data. So it is always used in large installations.
  3. IBM DB2: This is usually one of the most used databases by Unix / Linux due to its great speed and its great capacity to store any type of information.
  4. Microsoft SQL Server: This type of database only supports Windows system.
  5. Mongo DB: It is generally said that this database is one of the popular ones, since structured and unstructured data can be used with it. It is also known for its performance and scalability.
  6. Couchbase Server: this database was created by the Apache project, it has a maximum guarantee to be able to access various data easily.
  7. Riak: this type of database stands out for being a key-value database which aims to store documents and also serves to perform excellent searches.
  8. Apache Casandra: this database was created by Facebook, which is why it is ideal for managing various information.
  9. Redis: this database is free.
  10. Neo3g: this database and a high quality to scale.

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