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PDF is defined as the acronym in English that means Portable Document Format and in Spanish it is said portable document format and this is used to represent documents on a computer .

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Each pdf has a complete document which includes graphics, texts and other information. In these files you can also save multimedia information such as videos, audios among others.

10 Pdf Examples

  1. To upload a.
  2. Make good sales enrich your online publications.
  3. To post privately or in public.
  4. You can share your interactive pdf with your clients.
  5. Pdf / UA: this type of document makes it easier for people with disabilities to readand who use technology for their progress.
  6. Pdf / VT: this format is used to use texts and also images. It has the advantage that you can customize the documents for each individual.
  7. Pdf / E: through this format you can use it correctly for documents that are only related to engineering.
  8. Pdf / A: with this type of format the documents will be stored in the long term.
  9. Pdf / X: this format is used for documents with images, it cannot be used for videos or audios.
  10. The pdf is perfect for making internal links, therefore navigation will be faster.

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