Definition of need

Need is a term that refers to the lack, scarcity or sensation of the same with respect to a thing that can be of a material or immaterial nature and is closely linked with the desire to satisfy it, a product of that same lack.

This word also refers to an economically complicated situation that a person may be going through. From the point of view of bodily physiognomy, necessity is the action of bodily evacuation of both urine and feces. In this same order of ideas, from the point of view of psychology , it is called the need to satisfy a specific lack.

Types of need

There are five types of basic needs, grouped according to the subject matter.

  • Physiological needs, those most basic that an individual feels, such as those for food, drink, clothing and housing, then we find ourselves with
  • The need for safety and security.
  • Following this are affective needs, love , friendship, affection and belonging.
  • Already in a slightly more advanced stage of demands, we find ourselves with the needs of self-esteem, which only the success and prestige that is achieved will be able to satisfy them and finally,
  • Those of self-realization, the highest aspiration of an individual, since they will offer him the best corollary in terms of all the efforts and time that have been invested in satisfying it.

While and closely related to the last mentioned of the need for work , the term need is also often used when you want to account for the situation of extreme poverty that an individual goes through.

And the last of the common uses of the word need is found in what could be described as an irrepressible impulse, that is, when things happen to us that we cannot avoid and they do that, for example, after the impact that something or someone causes us, Let’s do or say something about it, a lover who can’t stand it and steals a passionate kiss from his beloved.

It should be noted that we speak of emotional needs to refer to those things that a person considers to be vital for them to feel comfortable with themselves and with their environment; These needs vary with age and with the characteristics of each individual and in many cases can respond to certain emotional disorders.

This occurs in those people who are not able to clearly discern between those things that they think they need and what they really need, sometimes it happens for example that those adults who have suffered some trauma because they feel unprotected as children, continue looking for that security that they feel they lacked. In these cases, the person must undergo therapeutic treatment in order to adequately discern between his needs and his perception of them.

Examples of need

  1. Educational : refers to those students who deserve a specific type of attention through which they can process in a better and greater way, the learning that can be provided. This type of need can be physical, mental, motor or the product of personal situations.
  2. Social: refers to that type of common requirements demanded by society that make its development and existence possible. This in turn requires the most timely response on a temporary or permanent basis to the requested requirements.
  3. Basic: are those of which it is considered that without them, there is a state of poverty from the mildest to the extreme. This type of need is mainly related to human rights. Among them we can find access to drinking water, electricity, education, food, among others.
  4. From Maslow: it refers to a theory that refers to the motivation and need of the human being. This theory affirms that the satisfaction of the most basic needs lead to greater needs, thus generating other needs in sequence.

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