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Methodology Example

It is known by Methodology as a group of rational procedures, which is used to achieve an objective, or a series of objectives on a scientific investigation . The methodology can be presented in different areas such as educational, computer science, knowledge, history and science.

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It should be noted that the methodology can also be applied in the artistic field, therefore it can be considered as a set of procedures that determines an investigation.

The methodology will depend on the information that the researcher considers valid, through the methodological action collected, will consider the object of science and scientific knowledge .

Stages of the Methodology:

  • Bibliographic review.
  • Field stage.
  • Laboratory or office.
  • Information processing.
  • Analysis and results.

10 Example of Methodology

  1. Analysis method.
  2. Deduction method.
  3. Objective method.
  4. Static method.
  5. Experimentation method.
  6. Classification method.
  7. Conclusion method.
  8. Observation method.
  9. Subjective method.
  10. Dynamic Method.

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