Definition of Jehovah

Jehovah is one of the many names that has been given to God , it is even one of the most used within the scriptures of the Old Testament. The origin of this name may be due, according to studies carried out by experts, to the fact that in ancient Hebrew writing, the use of vowels did not yet exist, so to name God it was done in the following way: “YHVH ”.

Said name was esteemed, within the religion , very sacred so the name of YHVH is written in Latin lines like “yahveh” “Yahweh” which when translated means “He who will be, is and was”. The Jews appreciated immense respect for the name of God, that is why they did not utter it, abiding by what is written in the third commandment: “You shall not use the name of God in vain.” The Jews to describe God used other names such as Adonay which means our Lord; Emmanuel “HE Lord among us or” Elohim “God of gods.

In this sense, the term Jehovah or this qualifier by which God is also known, is one of the many names they have in the Jewish- Christian religions . The vocalization of the name of the Jewish God YHWH was lost primarily due to two facts: first, because the ancient Hebrew script did not contain vowels and, second, because the articulation of the name of their god was forbidden as a symbol of respect.


Scholars in this matter believe that the correct vocalization is Yahweh and that the word Jehovah is born from the union of the name YHWH (without vowels) together with the vowels of the word Adonay which means “my lord”. Adonay was widely used and was slowly replacing the name of his god so that it was never spoken. It was so popularized that, in some texts, it is said that the vowels of the word adonay were added when the word YHWH appeared. The latter was in order to remind people to pronounce the popular term instead of the holy name.

In the sacred texts you can find other compound names such as Jehovah Jireh which means “the Lord my provider”; Jehovah Nissi “the lord is my flag” or Jehovah Tsidkenu “Lord of justice”, with all these compounds the different qualities of God himself are evidenced.

In short, Jehovah’s word means “The great I am,” thus encompassing the other names of God. Showing that He is the creator and Lord of all that exists and that without Him there is nothing.

Examples of sentences with the word jehovah

  1. Thanks to Jehova
  2. Praised be the Lord
  3. Oh Johovah; I bow down to you to beg for your love and mercy in this solemn and special moment and moment. I pray Jehovah for my family, my friends and my loved ones so that your magnificence will bless them today and always.
  4. In the name of Jehovah, I ask for your mercy and blessing on all of us, your blessed children.
  5. Almighty Jehovah, owner of time and eternity, yours is today and tomorrow, the past and the future. And at the beginning of another day I stop my life before this calendar and I present to you this day, that only you know if I will get to live it. Today I ask you for me and mine peace and joy, strength and prudence, clarity and wisdom. I want to live this day with optimism and kindness, taking everywhere a heart full of understanding and peace. Close my ears to all falsehood and my lips to lying, selfish, biting or hurtful words. Instead, open my being to all that is good, may my spirit be filled only with blessings and pour them out as I pass. Fill me with goodness and joy, so that those who live with me or come close to me find in my life, a little bit of you. Give me a happy day and teach me to spread happiness. Amen.

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