Fishing Examples

The  fishing is one of the most important activities in the world. It allows us to collect fish of different types or species. In addition, it can be from one to several quantities. Today it is still one of the most important economic activities that exist. It should also be noted that for many centuries, it was one of the most important parts for the feeding of peoples. We invite you to learn more about the  fishing examples that exist and how to apply them.

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Examples of Fishing and their types

Each of these  fishing examples are very good and depending on the technique is how you can use this great method to catch fish. It also depends a lot on the kind of fish that needs to be hunted, it is how it can be applied to this fishing.

Food Fishing:  This is the oldest type of fishing that exists and is used for the sole purpose of hunting fish for use as food . It is used for commerce in search of better economic well-being.

Sport fishing:  It is used directly as a personal or group method with the sole mission of being something great. There are a large number of competencies.

Ornamental fishing:  It is one of the most popular types of fishing there is. Its objective is to capture live specimens to take them to sites such as aquariums.

Industrial fishing:  Large businesses use a series of special machinery to catch hundreds or thousands of species of fish for sale .

Survival Fishing:  As its name says it is a type of fishing used for food. It has a wide variety of species and many ancient methods are used.

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