Examples of word processors

Text processor

A word processor is a computer program which is developed with the aim of facilitating the creation of documents on a computer, also on other devices such as Smartphones and tablets; These programs have a series of functions that allow correct writing as well as offering the possibility of choosing the type of text, font, size, text color, paragraphs , bullets and other resources necessary for writing different types of documents.

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This type of Software also allows you to edit, modify and add more information to previously created text documents in addition to being able to be printed. At present they represent one of the most used programs in the world, since it is necessary in various professional, academic and other fields.

Word processors are the tools that have replaced the typewriter for several years, offering much more important advantages such as their versatility and functionality, the task of correcting errors is much easier compared to how it was done before, writing is a lot easier and faster having more space and flexibility when organizing documents.

Although the use of this tool may be more complex for people who are not familiar with current computers , it is undeniable that the advantages and possibilities are much greater.

Examples of word processors

  1. Microsoft Word .
  2. WordPad.
  3. OpenOffice Writer.
  4. Lotus.
  5. WriteApp.
  6. Quip.
  7. Notepad.
  8. noteblock
  9. Docs to go
  10. Word perfect
  11. Apache open office
  12. Abi word
  13. Infowriter
  14. Texmaker
  15. LyX
  16. PolyEdit
  17. Papyrus write
  18. Emacs
  19. Apple Pages
  20. Corel word perfect
  21. TeXworks
  22. Atlantis
  23. yWrites
  24. Kwords
  25. Ami pro
  26. Microsoft one note
  27. Lotus word pro
  28. Latex
  29. Emacs
  30. Atlantis

Characteristics of a word processor

  • It allows to obtain the document both physically and digitally
  • It facilitates the creation of a variety of texts, whether simple or more elaborate.
  • It allows us to edit and modify the text, its size, color, Columns, alignment, among others.
  • It facilitates the storage of the text on the computer where it is done or on any removable device.
  • Since the document is digital, the ease of having the document physically through printing is allowed.

It is important to note that word processors come to replace the function previously executed by typewriters. The advantage of a word processor is that it allows us to work much more easily when editing texts, which was previously very complicated with typewriters.

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