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Examples of Viruses

The Virus are some infectious agents which are composed of one or more molecules, they are usually surrounded by a cover which protects them , they are parasitic with the ability to replicate within a cell. Its size can reach 20 mm, small ones and 450 mm large ones.

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The virus infects both animals and plants, fungi and bacteria; It all depends on the type of genome, some viruses may affect animals and not plants. Viruses stand out from anything because they are simple in composition.

Types of Viruses:

  • DNA viruses: they have a small chain of nucleic acids, they can be linear or circular, it all depends on the virus.
  • RNA viruses: they can be made up of one or two chains, one of the diseases that can cause is AIDS.

20 Examples of Viruses

  1. Human papilloma virus.
  2. Sabia virus.
  3. Seoul virus.
  4. Puumala virus.
  5. Junin virus.
  6. Echo virus.
  7. Guanarito virus.
  8. Flexal virus.
  9. Machupo virus.
  10. Rhinovirus.
  11. Rotavirus.
  12. Myxovirus Mumps (mumps).
  13. Hepatitis A, B, C.
  14. Flu A.
  15. H1N2, endemic in humans and pigs.
  16. Megavirus Chilensis.
  17. Human Herpesvirus 7.
  18. Paramyxoviridae.
  19. HIV
  20. Piliovirus.

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