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Examples of Renewable Resources

The renewable resources correspond to the elements that are derived from nature and inexhaustible. Renewable resources are obtained without the intervention of industrial processes or human labor.

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The renewable resources are renewed short term and naturally, they can be regenerated so that they become a useful material for humans.

Even when renewable resources are inexhaustible, their use must be rationed and each one of them should be given a fair use.

12 Examples of Renewable Resources

  1. The wind: Indispensable as a source of energy and that is perceived through windmills or wind vanes, it produces wind energy .
  2. Water: One of the most important renewable resources for human beings. Indispensable for various activities and vital functions.
  3. The sun: The use of sunlight represents an indispensable energy source for many natural processes.
  4. Wood: The versatility of this renewable resource is very wide. Its functionality allows the development of various products.
  5. Paper: Through the use of the resource that we have mentioned above or its recycling, this can be an inexhaustible resource.
  6. Geothermal energy: Source of energy produced by igneous movements of the planet. Its use is evidenced in heating for homes.
  7. The tides: It serves as a source of electrical energy production.
  8. Plants: It is an important resource for the recycling of atmospheric oxygen, as well as for the production of other inputs.
  9. Agricultural products: All products that result from agricultural activities become a renewable resource.
  10. Fungi: This renewable resource can be used both in the edible field and in the production of drugs and other products.
  11. Biomass energy : Source of energy that is developed from forest and agricultural resources.
  12. Leather: This is a resource used by people for the manufacture of clothing, decorative, among others.

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