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Examples of Murphy’s Law

The Murphy ‘s Law is defined as the acid comment that people make about something, the law focuses on the bad luck that have to do things.

In general, it is a feeling that things will always go wrong since it is the negativity that one has in the face of life circumstances. It is for this reason that there are people who, due to their negative force, attract only bad things to their lives.

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15 Examples of Murphy’s Law

  1. When you run out of gas to cook and you have an electric stove and when preparing food, the power goes out.
  2. Being in line at the bank to withdraw a small amount of money and when your turn comes there is no line.
  3. When you are at the supermarket and you have made a huge queue when you arrive at the checkout, the product you are carrying does not have a code.
  4. When a person chooses a day to wash all the dirty clothes and precisely that day it rains.
  5. Many times you need to write something down urgently and you have the pencil in your hands but you can’t get a piece of paper.
  6. When you finally have a date with that boy you like so much and that day you get sick.
  7. When you want to call your best friend to ask him out and you run out of balance.
  8. When you’re late for work and your car keys are magically lost.
  9. When you are watching a sex movie and at that moment your mother enters your room and you do not have the control to remove it.
  10. When you’re going to rush out because your mom got sick and the car won’t start.
  11. Those who have to take the subway and rush to ride the one that does not pass near your destination.
  12. When you want to kiss your girlfriend and at that moment the little brother appears.
  13. When you get ready to watch your favorite show and the power goes out instantly.
  14. When you like someone and you decide to tell them, they already have a girlfriend.
  15. When you go to a party dressed in white and that night your menstruation goes down.

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