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Examples of anurans or anura

Within the amphibian classification it is possible to differentiate three types of animals: the anurans, the caudates and the apodal ones. Anurans are commonly called frogs and toads.

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In Greek, the word ” anuro ” means ” without a tail .” This is precisely the definition of this subclass of amphibians; that do not have a tail.

Characteristics of anurans

The toads and frogs differ considerably from each other, but share similar that within this subtype include amphibian:

  1. Body and legs: It has a short but wide body, while the hind legs tend to develop more than the front ones. In turn, these are wider and more muscular than the front ones, which are generally thinner and smaller. On the hind legs they have five toes while on the front legs they have four.
  2. They have an interdigital membrane . This membrane is the one that is found joining the toes of the legs.
  3. Number of species : There are about 5,400 species of anurans worldwide. However, there are many that are in danger of extinction.
  4. Head : They have a broad head, bulging and large eyes
  5. Tongue : Their tongue has a protractile capacity, that is, it slides out in search of food.
  6. Size : The size of these amphibians can vary from a few centimeters to some that can exceed 30 centimeters, such as the Goliath frog.

Differences between frogs and toads

Many believe that frogs are the female gender and toads the male of the same species. However, they are two different species that, although similar, are different. Some of these differences are described below:

  • Toads have rough and dry skin, while frogs have smoother, shinier and wetter skin.
  • The hind limbs of frogs are slightly longer and slender which allows them to jump, unlike the hind legs of toads which are slightly shorter and not as athletic.
  • Frogs prefer aquatic environments and toads choose terrestrial and drier places.

Examples of anurans


  • Allobates talamancae – Chocolate frog
  • Brachycephalus ephippium – It is one of the smallest frogs in the world
  • Atelopus
  • Bermeja
  • Glass Frog (Centrolenidae)
  • Goliath
  • Southern
  • Mossy
  • South African black frog
  • Purple – Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis
  • Tigerina
  • bull
  • Poisonous (Dendrobatidae)
  • European green – Pelophylax lessonae
  • Flying


  • Runner
  • Marine
  • Green toad
  • Midwife toads

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