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Examples of animals that live in the savannah

The animals that live in the savannah have evolved evolutionarily adapted to live in this type of environment. This biome presents one of the most complete trophic networks, allowing the proper natural balance between the species that coexist in the same space.

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The savannah is a type of tropical grassland or bioclimatic landscape that develops between very marked humid and dry regions . We can get this type of biome in the eastern part of the African continent, but also in areas of South America, specifically between the region that includes the Venezuelan plains and the closed Brazil and a space considered in Australia.

This biome has different variations, so there are some species of animals that we can find in some types of savannas that are not present in other areas.

60 examples of animals that live in the savannah

Some areas of Australia are divided into the paleotropic (African savanna) neotropic (South American savanna) zone. They are classified as follows:

  • Intertropical savanna
  • Temperate savanna
  • Mediterranean or semi-arid savanna
  • Mountainous savanna

Herbivores that live in the African savanna:

These animals only eat vegetables, in the food web they are known as primary consumers. In general, the herbivores that inhabit the African savannah, have a good size , thanks to all the amount of plant matter they can ingest during the wet season. These animals when the drought begins, they migrate in search of food.

Among some examples of animals that live in the African savanna we have:

  1. Elephants
  2. Giraffes
  3. Deer
  4. Antelope
  5. Buffalos
  6. Zebras
  7. Rhinos
  8. Ostriches
  9. Wildebeest
  10. Vervet monkeys or totas
  11. Gazelles
  12. Warty boar
  13. Kudus
  14. Gerenuk
  15. Common raficero

Carnivores that live in the African savannah:

Herbivores represent a good diet for these animals. These have the peculiarity of sometimes hunting in packs , in addition to being very fast animals. Many of these predators are feline animals.

Among some examples of carnivorous animals that live in the African savanna we have:

  1. Lions
  2. Cheetahs
  3. Leopards
  4. Lycaon or wild dogs
  5. Black mamba

Scavengers living in the African savannah:

These animals also have carnivorous habits, but with a marked difference, which is that this group of animals only ingest hunters’ leftovers . Usually they already consume the dead animal, although sometimes hyenas prey on animals that are sick, old or dying.

Some examples of scavengers that live in the African savanna include:

  1. Jackals
  2. Hyenas
  3. Vultures
  4. Beetles
  5. Carrion flies

Herbivores that live in the South American savanna:

These animals, unlike those that live in the African savanna, are smaller in size . They are perfectly adapted to the type of environment in which they live. In the South American savanna it is rare to get artiodactyl animals, large rodents predominate; there is a higher concentration in diversity compared to other types of savannas, due to the fact that the flora is much richer.

Among the herbivores that make life in the South American savannah we have:

  1. Limpet or common bale
  2. Tyler’s Marmosa
  3. Black bearded saki
  4. Congo monkey or red howler monkey
  5. White-faced saki
  6. Chigüire.
  7. Porcupine

Carnivores that live in the South American savanna:

As in the African savannah, most of the carnivores of the South American savanna are animals of the felidae group, but smaller in size. They are animals with the ability to reach incredible speeds when hunting.

Among the carnivores that live in the South American savanna we have:

  1. Cunaguaro
  2. Harpy eagle
  3. Boa constrictor
  4. Anaconda
  5. Cuaima pineapple
  6. Jaguar
  7. Cougar
  8. Tigritos

Insectivores that live in the South American savanna:

They have a variable size and, like herbivorous animalsare part of the diet of carnivores . There are many animals with this eating habit in many savannas of the world, however, they are more visible in the South American savannas:

Among the insectivores that live in the South American savanna we have:

  1. Mining toad
  2. Anteater
  3. Giant armadillo

Herbivores living in the Australian savanna:

This group is generally made up of marsupials . Most of the herbivores in this area are medium in size.

Among the herbivores that inhabit the Australian savanna area we have:

  1. The short-nosed echidna
  2. The gray teal
  3. Feathered whistling duck
  4. Wandering Whistling Duck
  5. Koala
  6. Magpie goose
  7. Red kangaroo
  8. Gray kangaroo
  9. Golden shoulder parrot

Carnivores that live in the Australian savannah:

This group is made up of some mammals, which are smaller in size if we compare them with the carnivores of the African or South American savanna; in the other important group we have reptiles, specifically snakes. The deadliest snakes in the world can be found in the Australian savanna .

Among the carnivores that live in the Australian savanna we have:

  1. Eastern brown snake
  2. Western Brown Snake
  3. Tiger Snake or Snake Tiger
  4. Taipan Inland Snake
  5. Great heron
  6. Alligator
  7. Australian crocodile
  8. Australian dingo

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