Definition of heritage

Acervo , it is not a word that is used frequently within our vocabulary, however, knowing it will always be an excellent opportunity to enrich our vocabulary. When we speak of heritage, we refer to the set of goods of a material, cultural and moral character that refer to a specific community. We can also define it as a collection of small things.

Types of collection

This term can be used at various times, according to the subject being discussed, that is, it is a concept that can be perfectly adapted to the subject with which it is to be used. We can then talk about:

  • Cultural heritage of a population. In this sense, we are referring to the multiplicity of cultural or artistic manifestations that are formed by traditions, habits and customs that are transmitted over time from generation to generation.
  • When we refer to the documentary-type collection, we refer to all the books or documents that may belong to a common theme. As it can be presented in a library, for example, where the books and documents are arranged according to the topics to be discussed.
  • On the other hand, from a legal point of view , acquis refers to the various assets that are part of an estate or inheritance.
  • The acquis communautaire refers to the set of rules that govern the European Union whose main purpose is to achieve harmonious coexistence among the population of the countries that comprise it. The purpose of this collection is to ensure harmonious coexistence among citizens living in the European community.
  • The scientific heritage refers to that set of knowledge that is obtained through research carried out by a group of scientific experts on a particular subject.
  • Finally, the gene pool refers to the set of genetic elements that can occur within the combination of genes in a population or specific species.

Difference between heritage and heritage

It is important to note that prior to the aforementioned, a statement should be made with respect to two words that, although they may sound the same way when pronouncing them, their meaning and their writing are totally different.

When we speak of acerbo, we refer to something whose characteristics are robustness, rigidity, harsh or cruel, fulfilling the function of a noun while when we mention the word heritage with a small V, it fulfills the function of an adjective ending.

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