Seat is a word that comes from Latin and means “chair” or “seat”. It is used to name the place where an event will take place or where an activity takes place regularly, such as the location of a company, meeting place, etc.

The venues do not require particular characteristics, they are simple physical spaces that were previously chosen as the establishment of an organization or the ideal place to hold an event.

The characteristics of the site will depend on the requirements of the event or activity that is going to take place there, for example, it must be a very large space if what you want is to make a car exhibition.

On the other hand, sometimes the word “headquarters” is used to indicate the city or country where the office of a company or organization is located, or where an event will take place, instead of referring to the specific site, for example: “Santiago will host the national school games”, instead of saying: “The school xxxxxx will host …”.


These are the types of venues according to the context of the activity carried out in such venues.

  • Corporate . It is used to describe the headquarters of a company if it has several offices, either within the same city, country or in different countries.
  • Social . It refers to those spaces where a company lives. It will be the main place where clients and suppliers go, contact a representative in person. This place will also be the fiscal or legal address of the company and, therefore, all notifications, parcels, invoices, postal mail, etc., will be sent or received from that address.
  • Religious . These are places like the Holy See, Churches, Basilicas, Cathedrals, etc.
  • Episcopal . It refers to the bishop’s throne, to the cathedral of a particular bishop.

Sometimes we refer to “venue” as a generalized place where an event will take place, for example: “Qatar would be the venue for the next Soccer World Cup”, although clearly they will be matches on specific soccer fields.

Examples of headquarters

  • Where a meeting or council will be held.
  • Football stadium, site of the opening of the Olympic games.
  • City where an official trademark fair takes place.
  • Country where NATO is located.
  • Place where members of a political party meet.
  • Main office of a bank.
  • County seat.
  • Government building.
  • See forbidden, when a bishop cannot exercise his functions in a diocese.
  • The Vatican is taken as the place of Catholicism in the world.
  • Main offices of a ministry.
  • Embassies and consulates in each country.

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