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voxox app apkVoxox app is a free application with the help of which you can send unlimited calls and messages to any Voxox user in the world, for any fee! Call or text anyone even if they are not using Voxox at our very low rates.

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The Description of Vovox APP

Voxox is a free application with the help of which you can send calls and messages to any Voxox user for any fee anywhere in the world – some limits! Call or text anyone even if they are not using Voxox at our very low rates. Send 100 messages to US destinations for just $ 1, send 20 messages to any international destination, or talk for 100 minutes.


Vovox APP Additional Information

Category:Free Entertainment APP
Latest Version:1.2.9
Package Name:com.telcentris.voxox
Publish Date:2017-09-29
Uploaded by:vocola
Requirements:Android 4.1 or higher
Developed By:Voxox
File Size:18 MB

Key Features

  • Receive Incoming Calls With Free American Phone
  • Call any phone number in the world with Reach Me!
  • Read your voicemail scripts
  • Call record
  • Language Translation – Translate real-time SMS to many of languages.
  • Conference invitations
  • Instant and group messaging
  • Share photos, videos, locations, and people

How To use Voxox App?

This is the best application for using Voxox. We look at all the possibilities Voxox can do. Free calls with free voxox free calls, free faxes, text messages, media sharing, language translation, etc. You can do it.

Voxox Wattsapp

How to use voxox for running WhatsApp?

  • ¬†first download of VOXOX application
  • Open the Voxox app now and click Sign Up!
  • Select the country code +91 and enter your mobile phone number. Choose an email address, username and any password. And click Sign Up.
  • Verify your mobile phone number. At some point, the Voxox app won’t register, so if you’re having trouble signing up.
  • Login to your Accont Of Vovox.
  • Now you will get another country number in international format in the application. Click “More” to check the number you have received and check your voxox number. This is always the same for your Voxox account.
  • Good !! You can create a new WhatsApp account. Or you can also use this number for your old WhatsApp account.
  • Just go to WhatsApp Open Cleanliness-> Account – >> Change Number – >> Next – >> Enter your old number and enter the voxox number by selecting the correct country code in the new phone number box. (If you have a voxox number like this +16566515567, select the country code +1 and enter 6566515567in a new number box)
  • You will get the WhatsApp code in the Swara Tools in the Messages tab. Enter this password on WhatsApp or open the connection you have received after the auto operation time ends.

Now you’re gone !! Enjoy WhatsApp without your number.

Voxox APP for PC

If you want to have a messaging app that is flexible and compatible with most instant messaging networks and also offers features like mobile calling and video conferencing to reach your email and major social networks, then Voxxx Freemas are.

Main features of Voxox App for PC

VoxOx is a complete tool that will allow you to access a large number of services from a single interface. Thus, you can enjoy the following problems:

  • Communicate all your tasks from a single window, whether they use instant messaging clients.
  • Some compatible customers are VoxOx, MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Gtalk, Jabber etc.
  • VoxOx can easily make calls or video calls with the help of a personal assistant.
  • SMSoy to your friends, such as using your mobile phone, but much cheaper.
  • Chat and tweet with your friends from social networks like Facebook and Migration.
  • Share list sender files privately via text message.
  • Get low prices and get.

Download VoxOx and discover all the possibilities it offers you.

what is voxox app?

Voxox provides a free US number that anyone can call. This is a special offer from Voxox because you can use it in social apps that require a phone number. While there are many apps to choose from, it’s easy to get to the home screen with a disposable app and you’ll find that Voxox can do whatever you want.


Voxox is a communication app that offers cheap voice calling, text messaging, instant messaging, media file sharing, free US numbers, and translation languages.
All in one communication app. With Voxox, you can do what other applications do.

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