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Volume Plus 9.3 App Apk for Android Free Download

Volume plus apk is a totally new and professional volume control and sound booster. New and improved design and visual interface make it easy for you to just slide the volume bar to the maximum. Just press the boost button and enjoy your crisp and clear music volume for your phone. you can easily boost all your phone sound to a maximum value

Volume Plus
Volume Plus

 Volume Plus Cool and Latest Features

  • This app also works with your headset, headphone, and speakers.
  • Volume booster for headphone
  • Compatible with Android Phone and Tablet.
  •  Quick boost with one tap on the button.
  • Support three modes: Max Mode, Normal Mode, and Silent Mode.
  • Easily volume control. One tab to boost the volume to maximum.
  • Easily increases to maximum your device volume.
  • Simple, compact, free to volume increaser for music.
  • Control Volume Booster from your android ware device.
  •  Start your favorite music player directly from Volume Booster

Download this useful Volume Increaser for free now!

Volume Plus Download

Volume Plus 9.3 Update


Description of the Volume Plus App

I’ve been waiting until I could get my hands on an SGS4 to update the description.
This application has always worked via exploiting a bug in Android’s MediaServer, which is why there have never been any other applications like it (that can boost the volume of system sounds) on the Play Store.

Google seems to have completely patched this exploit as of Android 4.1+.

Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about this; Volume+ will no longer work on newer devices.
Some devices running 4.1 CAN make use of this application (Samsung Galaxy S 3 international, HTC One X, etc.) but the majority will not.

Most phones running pre-JB firmware will still be able to use this application as normal. Sorry about this everyone but there’s nothing I can do anymore, NO AMOUNT OF DEVELOPMENT WILL EVER GET THIS WORKING AGAIN. Google broke it! Please note; Incompatible devices running certain custom firmware may still be able to make use of this application.

This application can be downloaded for FREE on my website along with beta builds that have not yet been released.** PowerAmp Fix – http://androidaudiohacks.com/?page_id=571 **Thanks.Tested and Fully working on the Samsung Galaxy S III!! (Doesn’t currently work on the Sprint Version. No idea why.)

This application was designed primarily to boost the volume of a wired headset. Whilst it will boost the main loudspeaker volume, it may not be as prominent. Please bear this in mind.

Millions of people blame bad headphones for low-quality music, well put the blame where it belongs; your phone and the audio software. Volume+ can fix the issue system-wide.

Using Volume+ your phone will get a boost in bass, treble, and if you’re using our presets, you can finally experience the quality of music that you truly deserve. Being system-wide, Volume+ works with Google Music, Pandora, Slacker, and every other music software on your device (that doesn’t have a built-in EQ).

Volume+ might not get you the same experience that you get with those overpriced headphones, but what we can promise you is that for $2, you will get music that is finally worth listening to. There may be issues on certain custom ROMs.

This software does not function the same on every ROM out there, we personally recommend using a Cyanogen Mod 7 or MIUI ROMs, but we do try our best to optimize our software for all software versions. Stock users message us if you’re not getting an improved experience.

We highly recommend you use this with caution because while we do allow you to literally go crazy with the way you hear your music, you can seriously damage your hearing and possibly lose it. So please don’t go crazy with our application, we want you to enjoy yourself not hurt yourself (please see disclaimer below).

By downloading this application you agree to the fact that, as this app exploits the EQ API included in Gingerbread and it is not meant to be achieved under normal circumstances, I am NOT to be held responsible for anything negative that may occur, such as breakage to your phone or phone’s speaker.
I will also take no responsibility for any damage that may occur to your hearing.

This app will allow you to boost the volume of the headset, Bluetooth headset, and modify the inbuilt EQ settings. As a result, you can now increase the volume of the headset/Bluetooth headset way above the recommended maximum and so, may cause permanent damage to your speaker and/or hearing.*********

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