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tutuapp for iOS

The tutuapp for iOS is a  store for iOS which is rich in great apps and games. You can download the TutuApp on iPhone and iPad.

If you are looking for an iOS store that meets all our needs to play premium games and download lots of premium apps, and you also want to get lots of broken and modified game versions, as well as different app ++ versions.

tutuApp is an alternative to the App Store for iOS, which offers free commercial applications and changes to your favorite apps without going to jail.

tutuapp for iOS

But when you search for this type of app on the Appstore, you won’t find anything there. Speaking of the iOS Appstore, it doesn’t give us as many apps as we want it to be, and it costs a lot of money to pay for premium games and apps.

The Apple Store has restrictions that don’t meet our needs. But rest assured, TutuApp iOS is waiting for you. TutuApp iOS is an alternative to Appstore or Playstore. It also fulfills all the requirements to download new premium apps and games with their broken versions.

But it is not available on Playstore or Appstore, as it is a third party application and does not comply with any Google policy. But now you get the iOS version of the TutuApp here. To find out the steps to download and install TutuApp for iOS, just follow the simple steps below.

Many times iPhone users, even though they are proud of their iOS devices, are jealous of Android users, especially because of the ability Android has when it comes to downloading apps and .apk files from other sources and stores. Google Play.

But now, thanks to TutuApp, iOS users can also get an alternative market for iTunes, from which they can download free commercial applications or upgraded and modified versions of classic applications.

So we talk about what we find on Aptoide, Blackmart, or Mobogenie for Android, but now on iPhone and iPad.

By downloading this tool, you have access to the games and applications that you usually pay for, enhanced versions of your favorite programs like WhatsApp ++, Facebook ++, Spotify ++, and games that already include additional features so you can win over the scams. in Pokémon GO, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, or Brawl Stars.

What’s new in the latest version

The latest version improves app compatibility with newer iOS devices and fixes some bugs found in the previous version.

Download and Install TutuApp For iOS:

TutuApp is an interesting app store for you. It has the latest apps and games, and there are no problems with the app. It works well with iOS 7 and all other versions above. It works on iPhone and iPad, and the most important thing about TutuApp is that you don’t have to jailbreak your iOS device and take risks.

Now we need to follow some simple steps to download and install TutuApp on iOS. To download it, follow a few simple steps below.

TutuApp vs TutuApp VIP

This program comes in two different versions. Completely free, also known as TutuApp Helper and contains limited features, while TutuApp VIP is a premium or a paid version with all features unlocked. Neither option requires a jailbreak or Apple ID.

TutuApp vs TutuApp VIP

Both versions work a lot like the official App Store, as we can find all the available programs in the ideal category or just do a manual search if we know what we’re looking for. Developed in China, many users don’t seem to trust this too much and want to know if it is really safe.

It looks like this, and in fact, its popularity has made it reach other platforms, such as Android and Windows PC, although this is only a beta version in the case of the desktop version. Besides, we can use it in languages ​​other than English, which is also a big advantage.

Lastly, there is no need for the latest iPhone model to use this app, as it works with iOS 7 and is not only compatible with Apple smartphones, but also other devices such as the iPad and iPod touch.

How to Install Tutuapp on iOS:

  1. Click the download button above.
  2. Touch the option Allow when viewing the pop-up window, as shown above.
  3. Now click on the install option under Set Profile settings as shown here.
  4. Enter your iPhone password and click “Set” again when prompted.
  5. Return to the home screen and start using the TutuApp without problems.
  6. Enjoy tons of apps and games for iOS on Tutu. If the program did not install correctly, go back and follow these steps again or try an alternative program like TutuApp.
  7. Watch previous tutorials on related videos (YouTube)
  8. First of all, launch the default Safari browser on your iOS device, then go to the official TutuApp website.
  9. But make sure to check your iOS device, otherwise, the link won’t open.
  10. Now, wait for the page to open. When the page is fully loaded. You will see the install now option, click on it.
  11. The next step is to install the downloaded file first, go to the download path to the program. Once installed, a pop-up window will appear on the device screen as shown.
  12. You will now see installation options in the message. Just click the install button from the message to install TutuApp on your iOS device.
  13. Now that the application is installed on your iOS device, go to your device menu and you will see that it is an icon in your menu.
  14. Lastly, you have installed TutuApp iOS on your device to launch the application, just click and download the application or game you need.

How to Use TutuApp:

  • After downloading the TutuApp, open it by tapping on the application icon on the home screen of your device
  • Use the search box to download specific applications or view the categories (applications and games) available in the application
  • To download applications and games, click on the application name and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • The application icon is located on the home screen of the device, ready to use.

How to Trust Tutuapp for iOS

  • Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad
  • Tap General then Profile
  • Tap Tutu in the list of program profiles
  • Trust the program, then close Settings
  • The error is no longer displayed when using the program

How to Delete Tutuapp for iOS

  • Launch the iOS setup app and go to “Profile and Device Management” in the “General” section.
  • In the list of application profiles, find TutuApp and tap it
  • Click the option to delete the downloaded profile
  • Close the setup program and TutuApp will disappear from your device.

Troubleshooting Tips: TutuApp Not Working on iOS

Many users may feel a lack of trust in the business developers on their device when installing TutuApp. This is no big deal. The steps for solving this problem are as follows.

TutuApp White – Blank screen error

  • Open iOS settings
  • Click Safari> Clear Site Data; this error should no longer appear.
  • Unable to load TutuApp or gray icon
  • Remove TutuApp and make sure to erase all traces of it from the device
  • Reboot devise and reboot TutuApp; Now it should go smoothly.
  • Failed to set up a profile
  • Put the device in flight mode and open Settings
  • Tap Safari> Clear history and site data
  • Tap Clear History and data
  • Exit settings and remove the device from flight mode
  • Wait a few minutes, then try the installation steps again. was successful
  • TutuApp was unable to confirm the request
  • Remove TutuApp
  • Reinstall
  • Go to Settings> General> Profiles and Device Management
  • Find the TutuApp certificate in the list and tap it
  • Click Trust or Confirm and close Settings
  • The TutuApp should now be working

Best Apps and Games in Tutuapp for iOS


  • Youtube++
  • WhatApp+
  • Snaptube MOD
  • Spotify Music
  • Snapchat++
  • Netflix


  • Minecraft
  • Pokemon Go
  • Fortnite
  • Pubg
  • COD(Call of duty)
  • Clash of  Clans MOD

Tutuapp for iOS Specifications:

TutuApp is a great store for your iOS and contains many applications available for iOS. Likewise, TutuApp for Android devices offers many features, for example, it offers free apps, games, and many other apps for free, you just need to install TutuApp on your iOS device. More information about the TutuApp can be found below.

Supported iOS versions12.0, 12.0.1, 12.1.3, 12.1.2, 12.1.1, 12.1,11.4.1, 11.4, 11.3.1, 11.3, 11.2.6, 11.2.5, 11.2.2, 11.2.1, 11.2, 11.1.2, 11.1.1, 11.1, 11.0.3, 11.0.2, 11.0.1, 11.0,10.3.3, 10.3.2, 10.3.1, 10.3,9.3.5,7.1.2 and other versions iOS7 and plus
DevelopersShenzhen Rabbit Technology Co., Ltd.
LanguageEnglish(10 more)

Let’s move on to the download procedure. Also read for TutuApp, TutuApp for Android, TutuApp for iOS.

Here are some steps to install TutuApp on your iOS device. However, some users may face tremendous challenges for business developers. This problem can be solved in a few steps. To solve this problem, please read the section below.

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