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Survivalcraft apk

Survivalcraft apk

With Survivalcraft apk You are on the edge of the world of endless blocks. Exploration, raw material extraction, tool and weapon creation, hunting, trapping, plant growth. Survive the night and build a shelter to share your world online. A herd of cows on horses or camels.

Fight through rocks with explosives. Build complex electrical devices. The possibilities in this sandpit building and survival game are endless.

survival craft free download screenshots

This is the 25th version of Survivalcraft apk dedicated to Christmas. Check out the beautiful new Christmas tree and find deer roaming the country.

More importantly, this update finally adds the long-awaited bow and arrow and an electric target for shooting. There are iron fences that are suitable for your architectural style and there are grapevines that grow on shelves in hot and humid places.

Beware of formidable tigers that can easily jump over large obstacles to get to you.

Survivalcraft apk brings your favorite features to your mobile device with the PC version of Minecraft.

Infinite world, caves, logic gates (electricity), weather, boats, vehicle animals, and more. Do this while maintaining your own realistic style of survival.


Survivalcraft apk Additional Information

Category:Arcade & Action
Latest Version:
Package Name:com.candyrufusgames.survivalcraft
Updated On:2019-11-20
Uploaded by:
Requirements:Android 4.1 and up
Developed By:
File Size:19.34 MB

Description of Survivalcraft apk:

In survivalcraft free, you must use your resources to survive on the island. Discover, discover and develop survival craft download free and face new dangers every day. The best thing about Minecraft is that each user can play in their own way.

If you are in danger and really like to fight for survival, then you will love Survivalcraft for Android. In survival craft for free, you will likely wreck on an island that you will never leave.

The best thing you can do is get used to the idea of living there forever and preparing to survive.

Start a new life from scratch with Survivalcraft apk

Explore your surroundings, collect resources, spot animals of all kinds, find food, build shelters, protect yourself from carnivorous animals at night … survival craft free is an endless adventure.



Update history so far:

– 1.0 (initial release, 16 Nov 2011)
– 1.1 (screenshots, torches, lamps, tools, controls sensitivity, recipaedia)
– 1.2 (sneaking, stairs, slabs, doors, ladders, snow, ice, Christmas tree)
– 1.3 (basalt, limestone, marble, furnace)
– 1.4 (new world format, clay, bricks)
– 1.5 (birds, weapons, throwing, food, eating)
– 1.6 (emergency bugfix release)
– 1.7 (trapdoors, water animations, snowballs, traps, wild boars, game modes)
– 1.8 (buckets, water physics, magma, world properties, view angles)
– 1.9 (Dropbox, fences, upside-down stairs, and slabs)
– 1.10 (optimizations, bulls, signs, sulfur, saltpeter, adventure mode)
– 1.11 (explosives, fire, matches, magma as fluid)
– 1.12 (wolves, cows, milk, diamonds, flat terrain, controls improvements)
– 1.13 (creature spawners, eggs, saplings, compass, thermometer, grass spreading)
– 1.14 (emergency bugfix release, hygrometer, sharper text)
– 1.15 (big performance improvements, bears, machetes, adventure restart, cacti)
– 1.16 (smoother framerate, polar bears, paint, falling blocks, environment modes)
– 1.17 (3rd person view, 3d tools, creature shadows, physics optimizations)
– 1.18 (rain, snow, thunderstorms, thawing/freezing, werewolves, pumpkins)
– 1.19 (electricity, new UI, new recipaedia, new help, germanium + lots more)
– 1.20 (community content, better caves, creative options, SD card)
– 1.21 (fish, horseriding, electricity improvements, camels, leather + lots more)
– 1.22 (survival, farming, boats, islands, more painting, pathfinding, rhinos, and many other animals)
– 1.23 (content rating, larger visibility range, analog electrics, Halloween special, donkeys, bass)
– 1.24 (bows and arrows, shooting target, reindeer, tigers, iron fences, ivy, feathers, string)


survival craft apk is a free take on the gameplay of the famous Minecraft game. Game fans should be aware that the latter mobile version is not well supported by its developer, so developing an alternative project won’t take much time. The developers of the Candy Rufus Games app focused on developing their own work.

They keep updating the game to make it better and more interesting.

At the beginning of the game you will see a ship leaving the island and a lonely man on the beach. Thank you for your help. You can’t envy the character.

He brought a few aggressive animals to the island and was ready to eat live. There is still a long way to go from the invention of Picax to the discovery of explosives. First-person survival control.

There is a rotating joystick on the left side of the screen and a sideways moving joystick on the right side.

If you are not familiar with the details of the Minecraft Pocket Edition, you may be surprised by the graphical support. The graphic consists of a cube with perfectly protruding pixels.

It is noticeable that the rounded shape has almost completely disappeared, but this is due to the nature of the game. You have to build and the cube shape is perfect for that.

One of the most important tasks in the game is collecting resources. To do this, click on the relevant object and it will immediately appear in the main character’s inventory. Resources are used to create objects.

They are prepared according to the special recipes in the game menu. Indeed, this is the overall concept of the game. By creating new ones, characters have access to new inventions. survival craft free download is a mobile adventure that will appeal to fans of the survival genre.

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