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SkyVPN is the first unlimited free VPN for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. SkyVPN provides users with a secure Internet connection, anonymous web browsing, and access to all the sites and applications in the world. With the support of SkyVPN’s powerful global VPN servers, users enjoy the top offline connections in the market without spending a penny.

What is Sky VPN APK

Sky VPN APK is an unlimited free VPN proxy server that lets you unblock sites, bypass school wifi restrictions, access your workplace firewall, secure your wifi access point, and protect your browsing privacy. Without the commitment to record traffic.

SkyVPN APK Screenshots

The Description of SkyVPN APK:

SkyVPN is a very fast VPN proxy that gives you free access to unblock sites and bypasses school Wi-Fi at the touch of a button. Optimized for Android, SkyVPN helps secure Wi-Fi hotspots and protects the privacy of your online registration. Thanks to a strict no-logging policy, you are completely anonymous and secure with SkyVPN.


SkyVPN APK Additional Information

NameSkyVPN-Best Free VPN Proxy for Secure WiFi Hotspot
Latest Version:1.5.47
Package Name:me.skyvpn.app
Publish Date:2020-12-25
Latest Version:1.9.93
Uploaded by:李天游
Requirements:Android 4.2+
Developed By:Sentry SkyVPN Security Technology
File Size:25.1 MB

Key Features

Unlimited Use: Access to restricted content on any website and application from anywhere in the world.
Fast and stable: Fast Lite VPN server available worldwide. This allows you to enjoy the Internet without any problems.
Secure: Protects your data, blocks cookies, hides your IP address, and allows you to browse anonymously. Hide your IP address and location from any website and application. End-to-end encryption tunnel. Protect your Internet privacy when using unsecured networks. Highly secure VPN to protect your internet security and privacy while browsing the internet on a computer, phone, or tablet.

Private & Anonymous

SkyVPN also offers a WiFi hotspot shield and this Super VPN lets you browse privately and anonymously from a proxy server and keeps all your browsing activities anonymous and private. Sky VPN removes location restrictions and provides IP shielded WiFi access points to users.

Using this app to protect your device information and IP address while in the public domain, Wi-Fi has encrypted your privacy to make it more secure than any other VPN hotspot.

Sky VPN protects your devices, protects your privacy, and protects your passwords and personal information over public WiFi hotspots and mobile networks.

No traffic log commitment

SkyVPN acts as an anonymous master VPN for secret identities, we have no traffic logging commitment as we believe you have privacy and all types of private internet access. This application protects data privacy, protection of personal information, and the security of the Internet.

Careful! Some free VPN services on the market can offer:

  •  Collect and sell your data. Check Terms!
  • Monthly payment required for premium bandwidth.
    SkyVPN never does.

Unlimited Free premium VPN Service

With SkyVPN, you can enjoy unlimited free premium proxy VPN service

– How can it be free?
To help people enjoy a free VPN with unlimited bandwidth and access a better network, SkyVPN offers several ways to help you get free traffic. It is easy and fun to get free Sky VPN traffic to enjoy the super VPN service.

Fast Global VPN Server

SkyVPN automatically selects the best location and connects you to the nearest and fastest server. You can then enjoy smoother connectivity, ultra-fast VPN speed, and more stable access to global servers than other VPN proxies.

Can be used on multiple devices

SkyVPN works on all devices simultaneously: Android phone, tablet, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Windows, and Mac. Browse anonymously with this VPN proxy server without device restrictions

Easy and Simple To Use

Just one click to connect to a proxy server to unblock sites with Hotspot VPN. There are no advertisements bothering you while watching live video. Easy in a moment!

SkyVPN: better network security and more powerful VPN shield WiFi hotspot. Get instant access to a truly free world with Sky VPN!

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