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sidebar launcher apk

sidebar launcher apk

A seamless starter that helps you find and launch all your applications on the left side of your device. “Sidebar Launcher APK is good to see a flexible application that aims to help you do a lot of work more efficiently and easily.”

Description of Sidebar Launcher APK- The Edge launcher

★★ control all apps with one hand ★★
Download the sidebar and start each application with a single finger. Download sidebar apk, sidebar launcher APK is completely free!

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SideBar Launcher Additional Information

Name:Sidebar Launcher
Category:Free Tools APP
Latest Version: 3.4.3
Package Name:com.boatmob.sidebarlauncher
Published On:2018-03-27
Uploaded by:رامي الراوي
Requirements:Android 5 or Higher
Developed By:Micro Bots
File Size:6.2 MB

More About Sidebar APK:

The sidebar is a sidebar that looks like the notification area on Android devices, but is located on the left side of the terminal and has many features.

As in the notification area, the first thing the sidebar launcher will display is the current time and date along with the time of the next alarm set on the device. Just below that, you will have quick access to the phone’s airplane mode, as well as the ability to connect and disconnect GPS and WiFi with voice control.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sidebar Launcher APK:

1. Why do I continue to receive notifications in the status bar?
From Android 4.3+, the system will display a constant background notification. This can prevent the sidebar starter from being killed by the system.
2. Why can’t I uninstall Sidebar Launcher?
The “lock screen” feature requires activation of the device administrator, so you must disable it in the security settings before uninstalling.
There are two ways to uninstall:
1. Open the sidebar launcher, go to the settings page, find the “uninstall” option. (I suggest)
2. First, go to “System Settings” -> “Security Settings” -> “Device Manager”, turn off “Launch Sidebar”, and then uninstall Sidebar Launcher as usual.
Sidebar Launcher – Great multi-tasking approach on Android
The sidebar launcher provides the ultimate multitasking mode on your phone and tablet. With the exclusive design of the “basket”, you will feel the most incredible performance when using your device. The sidebar starter floats in any application. You can drag to display it wherever you want and wherever you want.
So what is a “card”? The card is defined as a function/group. Add/remove cards as you wish, make Sidebar Launcher your personal assistant. Tell us what kind of installation / “card” you need. We will try our best to do it.We support the following cards:
1. Time and date
2. Quick settings (Transitions)
Favorite applications
4. Functions:
lock the screen
– Home
– Application drawer
– Flashlight
– Expand the status bar
– Increase/decrease the volume
– Menu (root required)
– Back (requires root)
5. Shortcut
6. View battery and clear memory
7. Music controller
8. Recent applications
9. Recent calls
10. Recent posts
Pro features:
1. Shortcut
2. View battery and clear memory
3. Music controller
4. Remove ads in this application


Along with these standard options are features that make Sidebar Launcher a really useful personal tool: your favorite app and virtual buttons. You’ll have quick access to your most-used apps from the start, and virtual buttons let you access the device homepage, turn on the lens, adjust the volume, and more.

Sidebar Launcher is also a great personal device that is compatible with other applications. In the Settings options, you can also adjust the size of the space taken up by the scroll bar.

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