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Settings APK

Additional help to adjust settings on your smartphone

Settings APK

Settings APK is a free ad-supported app for quick and easy to adjust settings. Configuration switches are interconnected and developed to maximize device compatibility. The setup for setting apk has the most beautiful design and pixel icons perfect for HD displays. Optimized for smartphones and tablets. Download the configuration now!

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Settings APK Additional Information

App Developed by:KF Software House
Content Rating:Everyone
App Package:com.evozi.injector
Publish Date:2019-08-30
Uploaded By:Şehmus Izgi
Apk Latest Version:1.0.158
Category:Free Tools APP
Android OS Version:Android 4.0+
File Size:`3.5 MB

The description of Settings APK App

The setting apk app is a great app that you can use to adjust the basic settings of your smartphone to make your life easier. This is a tool that helps you manage your settings, adapt shortcuts to your daily needs, and create a personalized profile for you.

Different applications require different settings and configurations. This app helps you switch to a different set of settings for each app separately. Includes size, orientation, network conditions, Bluetooth connectivity, screen brightness, screen surveillance, etc.

You can create a profile for each application with setting apk. When executing the application, the corresponding profile will be applied. After that, you can adjust the settings as usual.

Your profile should act as a configuration template for your application, and will only be applied when START is applied. Also, set the default profile. It will be applied when all other applications are running and when the screen is closed.

phone settings apk help you save time and battery life, as you don’t need to manually turn off the system function. You can reduce the screen brightness when you need it and turn it off again in the default profile. Make sure you don’t forget to turn on some hostile power features like WiFi and Bluetooth.

You can configure the behavior of your applications by adjusting the profile in this settings android apk. For example, when you read the news and watch the video, you may need to set the exact address and keep the screen active.
From the Settings app menu, you can configure many functions of your smartphone and create many profiles with different settings that you can activate whenever you want. For example, you can set the volume for notifications and messages, or you can choose to turn on WiFi or Bluetooth.

Also, adjust the screen brightness or specify whether your cell phone rings or vibrates when you receive a call … There really are a variety of variations you can play around with to tune your device at any time.

With the system setting apk, you can even create different settings when you’re at work or at the gym, or when you’re driving or sleeping. Make it increase the volume of your call when you need it, or decrease the brightness of the screen at night.

This app can enable WiFi when you go home or turn on Do not disturb while driving. With one click, you can create the correct profile for each case and save the time it takes to change these values ​​one by one.

* Please do not use it with other profile tools to avoid conflict
Features of Settings APK:
  • Start quickly
  • Beautiful pixel icons perfect for HD displays, unlike other setup apps.
  • An elegant user interface that perfectly adapts to the Android design
  • Configuration keys are threaded and made for maximum device compatibility
  • Optimized for smartphones and tablets
  • Support to install SDCard

settings apk download 1.0.158 Update

* Remove irrelevant permission
* Bug fix1.0.147-149
* Fix Android pie brightness bug
* Rearrange UI

* Set Silent / Vibrate / Normal mode (Require DND permission)
* UI fix

* Android 8+: Build-in support for removing “running in the background” / “consuming battery” notification (Notification access)

* GDPR update (EU)

* Bugfix
* Japanese translation

* Widescreen support

PERMISSIONS to setting apk download

Network communication, Full Internet access, view network state:
Needed by settings for completely anonymous download statistics and advertisements.
All other permissions
Needed by settings for the various switches.

FAQ about download android setting apk

Why do settings have ads?
The ads are the income stream of the settings developers and they are the reason why settings can be free.
Why are the settings file so big?
Because settings contain big high definition images.
How can I contact the developers of settings?
For support or suggestions use the reporting system inside settings.

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