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scanner radio pro apkScanner Radio Pro apk has More than 4,100 police and fire departments, seasonal radios, and amateur radio repeaters (most frequently included in the United States and Australia daily) from all over the world on your mobile phone.

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Name:Scanner Radio Pro
Category:Music & Audio
Latest Version:
Package Name:com.scannerradio_pro
Updated On:2017-09-02
Uploaded by:
Requirements:Android 6.0 and up
Developed By:GordonEdwards.net LLC
File Size:10 MB


Features of Scanner Radio Pro apk:

  • The closest shown scanner shows the distance.
  • The top 50 scanners with the most teeth show up (the list is updated every 5 minutes).
  • Displays a list of the most recently added scanners (new inserts are always included).
  • Add your favorite scanners to your Favorites list for quick access.
  • See the list of scanners by location or gender (public safety, air traffic, weather, rail, etc.).
  • This allows many people (for example over 1000) to be notified when they are being scanned (indicating that something important is happening). You may also be notified if you have more than nearby scanners (or a specific scanner of your choice).
  • Add Scanner Radio Pro widgets and shortcuts to your phone’s home screen for quick access (you can’t install the AP on your SD card for access).
  • Click the “Scanner Radio Pro Favorites” link on your home screen to start scanner broadcasting via the Alarm Clock application or automation application.
  • The audio file goes to Broadcast.com and has been the audio stored in the last 30 days. Note: In order to access the files using the app, you must have an account on Broadcastify.com and purchase a “premium subscription” ($ 15 for 6 months) when using one of these features to start playing the scanner. The phone connects to a particular Bluetooth device and connects to the Bluetooth device when the game is lost. In addition to the above features, this version of the application also offers the following features:
  • The ad will be deleted.
  • The possibility of audio recording.
  • In the Pro version, you can adjust the sound of the audio through the equalizer (app 4 only).
  • In the Pro version, player controls are added to the lock screen (app 4 only).
  • You can start playing without having to go to the player screen by using the play button on the top of the directory screen and widget.
  • By installing the “Scanner Radio Pro Local Plugin” plugin, you can launch the application in Local / Tasker, and the application will automatically start playing or playing based on one or more of your favorite situations. What a restoration.

Audio is provided by volunteers (primarily Broadcast.com) using an original wireless scanner. If you need help, visit  HTTP: //support.gordonedwards.net.

Specifications Why Required Different Permissions: App Requires “Read Phone / Phone Status” Permission It can detect when you make a call (or when you receive a call), so it can prevent automatic audio transmission to prevent interruptions in the call section of scanner radio pro apk.

You must have “Fine Location (GPS)” and “Bad Location” permissions for the AP to determine your area scanner when you click “Near Me”.

When you press Close, the application first tries to find you on the network. If this fails, the application will try to find it via GPS. If you have the application notification feature enabled (only if this feature is disabled), you must have “Allow automatic startup” before the phone starts. This is required for scanner radio pro apk.

The main options are in the “Edit or delete USB memory contents” and “Verify secure storage access” applications that allow you to record the audio you are accessing and replace it with Can Save: Permissions Required.

It can be accessed from your computer (Scanner Radio Pro must be available on your device).

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