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Restory APK-Reveal deleted messages Apk

Restory App
The description and Review of Restory APK

Have you ever really wanted to know when someone deleted a message on WhatsApp and what they said? Restory Apk is for you! Restory app will notice that a WhatsApp message has been removed and will notify you immediately. Just click the alert and reveal their secrets!

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Someone deleted a WhatsApp message and you would die knowing what he said? Download the restory app and get all deleted text, video, audio, and messages.


Restory App Additional Information

Name:Restory – Reveal deleted messages
Category:Free Tools App
Latest Version:
Package Name:com.restory.restory
Updated On:26-09-2020
Uploaded by:Anri Anri
Requirements:Android 5.0.x or higher
Developed By:ReApps
File Size:7.90 MB

Whatsapp Deleted Messages Recovery APK – The Restory App

Has your friend deleted a WhatsApp message (picture, video, voicemail, music, or any file or even status) that they sent you? Do you want to check deleted messages for Whatsapp? It is like WhatsApp delete the app for everyone, it allows you to view deleted WhatsApp messages and delete WhatsApp files. Besides the WhatsApp video status, you can view the video, audio, voice memos, etc. You can download or save other media files.

How to recover Whatsapp deleted messages?

You can recover the deleted WhatsApp message from this application. Below is how this application works and what are the features this application.

  • Install this application
  • Allow required system access at startup
  • Wait for a message on WhatsApp when not connected to the Internet
  • It will save and save all your WhatsApp messages
    Notify someone when you delete a WhatsApp message
  • You can check all messages received or deleted from this app
  • You can share the screenshot of all messages from this application

This app can help you in many ways. You will never leave a WhatsApp message from your friend. It seems that the long-awaited deletion option for everyone isn’t stupid. Messages can be received even after they have been deleted by the sender. Only text messages can be received. Images or video messages cannot be received.
You can download this application to WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

According to the latest WhatsApp policy, if the sender deletes the penultimate message or any media files, it will be removed from you and also from the WhatsApp gallery or media folder. Whatsapp Defender Delete WhatsApp messages and save deleted WhatsApp messages for everyone.

Deleted Instagram messages keep coming back:

You can view the deleted media files for WhatsApp even after they have been deleted by the sender.
Try this lightweight app to view and save WhatsApp video status, status images, voice memos, and documents in one place in a managed order. It works as a data protector for WhatsApp, allowing you to save and view WhatsApp messages deleted from the sender. You can backup WhatsApp messages, save deleted WhatsApp messages for everyone, save WhatsApp media files, save WhatsApp video status, and view or use it later.

How Recovery App Works?

  • Open “Whatsapp” first.
  • Save WhatsApp media files (image, video, voice memo, status, audio, document, etc.).
  • Open and view the “WhatsApp” application to check deleted WhatsApp messages or media files.
  • Turn on / off copying to save storage.
  • After deleting, select or deselect tabs in settings to choose the media file you want to save.

Whatsapp data protection or recovery application protects WhatsApp data. After downloading WhatsApp data or media files, if the sender deletes after sending, Rescue WhatsApp allows you to view the WhatsApp chat or media files. WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to retrieve old WhatsApp messages or data, but it helps you choose what content (images, status, video, voice memos, audio, etc.) you want to save for WhatsApp chat. Or you want to do it.

Whatsapp Deleted APK

“WhatsDelete” can save deleted WhatsApp messages or media files, but it works for WhatsApp video status downloader, WhatsApp cleaner, WhatsApp status saver, WhatsApp copy or duplicate Whatsapp delete tool, WhatsApp delete to save WhatsApp data, WhatsApp data storage. Recovery, download Whatsapp status, backup Whatsapp, restore old WhatsApp messages

Whatsapp also acts as a WhatsApp cleaner to delete WhatsApp or WhatsApp Duplicate Finder or WhatsApp Duplicate Data Remover and WhatsApp Data Saver, allowing you to prevent duplicate WhatsApp data. You can save WA data in one WhatsApp Recovery app and view all WhatsApp media files in one place. This could be called WhatsApp Data Saver and Cleaner for WhatsApp.

Key Features of Whatsapp Cleaner APK:

  • Great user interface design and easy to use.
  • See WhatsApp media files deleted even after being deleted by the sender
  • It also works as a cleaner for WhatsApp and prevents duplicates.
  • You can easily download the status of the Whatsapp video.
  • View all WhatsApp media files in one place.
  • Save voice memos or WhatsApp document files separately.
  • A lightweight app to protect all WhatsApp data in one app.

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