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Next Launcher apk: 2014 Sale 50% OFF for #1 ranked 3D Launcher. “Time to get rid of boring Launcher and get best-selling 3D Launcher on Google Play now! ” Next Launcher 3D Shell— Best 3D Launcher Ever. + Brand new UI3.0 Just Released!

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Additional Information

Name: Next Launcher
Category: Personalization
Latest Version:
Package Name: com.gtp.nextlauncher
Updated On: 2017-09-29
Uploaded by: Iwan Zuhrii
Requirements: Android 4.0+
Developed By: GOMO Limited
File Size: 25.8 MB

The description of Next Launcher APK 3D Shell Lite

Get the full functionality of the first and only Android launcher by updating and applying Real 3D Visual technology to your interface design.

A chance to experience the number one premium launcher on the Google Play store!

Next Launcher 3D Shell shows dynamic 3D effects and how highly customizable Android home screen replacement apps are redefining Android devices. Forget about everything that flows through the apartment like a dead fish. Forget the icon that looks like a piece of paper.

Forget about docks lined up like silly trees. Forget about the traditional launcher and enjoy a REAL 3D launcher! Request the next 3D launcher skin now! Join millions of users for a unique and amazing browsing experience and fun!


“One of the most customizable, smooth, and engaging launch vehicles I’ve seen here at Redmond Pye.” –Redmond Pie “A beautiful application full of dynamic effects and 3D elements.

Fun 3D images. Elements, transition effects, and gestures provide various visual pleasures and amazing experiences.

The” -Top apps “launcher provides insane 3D effects and turns your device into a futuristic Tron-centric journey I’m going. With additional themes and custom widgets downloadable from Google Play, this is a complete and very comprehensive option for anyone looking to spice up their device. ” -Droid Life

Key Features

  • Very rare oil-smooth 3D effect
  • Real 3D home screen transition effect (crystals, fabrics, wrinkles, etc. will be released soon)
  • Stunning 3D screen preview with stunning screen transitions
  • Create your own symbol style by changing the size, angle, style, and label (symbol editor).
  • Combine all the great parts of different themes into one theme that you really like (theme mix mode).
  • Efficient and powerful gesture control of batch applications
  • You can use up to 8 different gestures on the home screen and in the app drawer.
  • See how cool your mobile can be by removing all icons and widgets in mid-air (floating mode).
  • Improved glossy edge effect for home screen transition
  • Up to 7 lines on the dock to link all favorites
  • Keep posting 3D Next widgets, 3D themes, and live wallpapers specially designed for GO Launcher Dev TeamWatch Next Launcher 3D demo.

How To Download Next Launcher APK

  • First, you need to click the download button
  • Download this Next Launcher APK after downloading the full installation of this app.
  • Go to your mobile phone settings
  • Click on security
  • Search for unknown sources
  • Click on it to enable
  • Go to the folder where the downloaded file is saved
  • Click on the APK file
  • Click Install
  • It takes a while to install the APK on a mobile phone.
  • You can now access the app from your phone


1. Why do I need to configure Next Launcher as an alternative to the default home screen every time I restart some devices?
Ans: The error on the Android 4.1.x system is causing the problem. If you encounter this problem, download the NextLauncher patch from Google Play and follow the instructions to fix the problem.
2. How can I avoid the problem of loading items from the home screen?
Do not install NextLauncher3D to SD card. This avoids problems loading home screen items due to the delay in loading the SD card when restarting the phone or removing the SD card.
3. How to use the icon in the GO Launcher theme?

Install a Go Launcher theme -> Click “Next Key”- > Click “Theme Mix” -> Click the shining desktop elements -> Find the GO Launcher theme and apply it.
If you couldn’t apply some themes, please send the themes name and your Next Launcher version to

We will follow us ASAP.
We strive to become better than we are, providing the best Android home screen replacement for you! Thanks for your support!

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More About Next Launcher apk

Next Launcher for Android is the brainchild of the GoDev team, known as the developer of Go Launcher EX, one of the most popular launchers today. Perhaps while we were working on the main project, the team decided to do something completely new and unique.

The considered bowl turned out to be very original. There are many 3D elements. The settings are rich in different types of animation such as interacting with the desktop and navigating the main menu. The strangest details of the launcher are rarely considered, however.

For example, when you move a shortcut to the desktop, the control panel with the icon moves downward, forming the page itself on top. Users quickly fill the desktop area with one strong click. It is also not very interesting to be able to select all characters at once using simple instructions.

Then you can move the icon to another desktop, save it in a folder, or delete it entirely. Next Launcher has a grid, but each character can be placed anywhere on the screen and rotated, so in practice, this is rarely required.

You should also admire the excellent optimization of your application. The shell loads instantly and is significantly faster than the same launcher, TouchWiz and Go. Overall, Next Launcher is a great alternative to Google Start and other desktops. The flexibility of customization, futuristic design and speed of work will delight the owners of cheap smartphones and tablets.

Next Launcher APK is an application that provides dynamic 3D effects and a customizable alternative to your Android device’s home screen, taking your skills and imagination to the next level.

This article covers awesome 3D APK themes and wallpapers, edge effects, and some frequently asked questions about this app.

Next Launcher APK

Next Launcher APK is a great app that adds attractive 3D effects to your photos and videos, making your Android device more creative and valuable. Effective and powerful with gestures, this particular app also provides 3D screen previews with screen transitions and blind animation effects.

You can have the most fun by combining different parts of the theme and displaying them on the screen of your Android device in one theme.

Full Features of Next Launcher APK

Listed below are all the features of the following APK launcher with a brief description.

3D home transition

This particular APK has transitioned to the home screen through various types of features to be released, such as crystals, folds, and fabrics.

Border Effects

For different apps running in the same bucket, each APK is best at creating large constraints. It provides a vivid and sparkling effect when going to the home screen of Android devices.

Unique Icons

The next APK Launcher mod allows you to customize various icons on your Android device as you like by changing the style, size, label, and viewing angle.

Gesture recognition

This particular APK of the mod has a gesture recognition feature that allows you to easily use 8 or more different gestures on your home screen to activate your favorite apps.


Next Launcher APK is a great 3D rendering technology app to change the look of your Android device on the home screen.

In this article, I tried to offer you all the features of your application and answers to frequently asked questions about it.

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