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Navigation Bar APK with keys that makes it easier to use your smartphone. The “navigation key ” applet can replace a faulty or broken button. Problems using buttons or the panel on the navigation bar do not work properly. The navigation bar apk provides various features and colors to create a fantastic navigation bar. It’s easy to swipe up and down in the navigation bar as a useful touch.


  • Automatically hide the navigation bar with the user’s selected length.
  • Easy to swipe up / down to show/hide the navigation bar.
  • One push of a button: Home, Back, Recently.
  • Long press to go back, home, latest buttons. (See below for a list of actions)
  • Options for setting “Scroll up sensitivity”.
  • Options to hide the navigation bar when the keyboard is visible.
  • Options for locking the navigation bar.
  • Possibility to change navigation fields with background and button color.
  • ability to adjust the size of the navigation bar with its height.
  • ability to configure touch vibrations.
  • Options for adjusting the position of the navigation bar in landscape mode.
  • 15 themes available.
  • Switch on / off with notification. (Pro)
  • Limit the minimized area on the hub bar to avoid accidental clicks. (Pro)
  • Switch on / off via quick settings. (Android 7.0+) (Pro)


The screen on your phone or tablet is very large, you have to use the navigation bar, but it is quite difficult. The navigation bar android apk helps you to behave easily with the navigation bar on your device. Navigation bar apk content rating (Back, Home, Recent button) is for everyone and can be downloaded and installed on Android devices that support 17 api and later.

Easy move on the screen:

  • Automatically hide when not in use
  •  Start the launcher.
  • Activate “Show virtual navigation bar”. and then enable app availability.
    Länge Long press the floating arrow icon to hide the navigation bar after pressing the message to display it again.
  • Quickly press the arrow twice to quickly open the last task
  •  This app uses device administrator permission to use a shortcut screen in the virtual navigation bar (this function is used to lock the screen)
  • navigation download for android uses Accessibility services. This is required for the functions BACK, HOME, LOAD TASK, NOTIFICATION to work.
  • When the app dies. Wait a few seconds until the app restarts the service and you can use it.
  • If you have enabled administrator permission for this app. To uninstall the navigation button apk, you can click the “Uninstall” button in the app or go to “System Settings-> Security-> Device Administrators” to deselect the administrator status of the navigation bar and remove the app from the navigation bar in the menu. usual. If you are unable to disable Device Manager, you can try restarting the device to try again or send feedback for more help.

How do I turn on the Navigation bar on Android/How do I enable the navigation bar?

Navigation Bar APK on your device can be activated by following these essential steps that will help to enable the navigation bar on your android or iOS device:

  • From the Home screen, tap Settings.
  • Press the buttons.
  • Tap Activate the navigation bar on the screen.
  • Activate the navigation bar on the screen and deactivate the hardware button

Additional information

Name: Navigation Bar
Category: Free Tools APP
Latest Version: 2.2.5
Package Name: com.kimcy92.navigationbar
Updated On: August 1, 2021
Uploaded by: ابو مزعل الحمصي
Requirements: Android 4.2 and up
Developed By: Kimcy929
File Size: 06.01 MB

Replace Defective Android device buttons with Navigation Bar APK

The latest button is a useful tool that can save your controls when the buttons on your Android device are broken. This system is developed by Wormhole Space and is also a useful option for the navigation bar if it does not work properly. best navigation bar app can be customized with a selection of colors and various other features that allow you to recognize it from local navigation tools.

Customizable assistive touch with Navigation Key APK:

As mentioned, this Wormhole Space navigation bar can serve as your help on an Android device if your original buttons did not work. Most of the features offered by this tool are highly customizable. For example, you can hide it automatically after the specified time you set. In addition to the buttons and background colors, you can also adjust the size of the navigation bar height.

It also offers several options that allow you to lock or hide the navigation key when the keyboard is displayed. It also allows you to adjust the sensitivity and scroll up position in landscape mode. You can also set it to vibrate when touched. In total, there are 15 themes you can use. If you purchase their premium service, you can limit the space in the minimized navigation bar.

You can easily swipe up and down to show or hide it. It supports keystrokes and long presses. Hold down commands such as power menu, split screen, volume control, voice command and many more for long press. However, keep in mind that you need to activate it as an accessibility service in your phone’s settings for it to work.

Alternative to damaged mobile buttons and screens

The Last button in the Back to Home navigation bar apk pro will be a useful addition to your smartphone tools, especially if the buttons on your device are not working properly. It will be a powerful alternative to your faulty buttons as it provides an impressive navigation key apk that you can customize to your liking. You can also style it stylishly with the colors and themes it offers.

Back Button

The back button is an interesting apk that lets you add a floating back button to your Android device. Back Button APK is a good option if you have a device that has the physical back button on your device broken. The customization options are very useful. Another great feature will be the ability to customize the buttons with long press / double press. It is very nice and convenient for my screen to press the back button, it is difficult to go home but this app shows the back button anywhere on the screen. My latest and rear button system on my phone does not work very well. But thankfully I found this app. It works very easily and very quickly! This is the best navigation app on the market, it works very well and has many features. stay up to date on such apps.

Soft Key Software:

This program was released on Softonic on March 7, 2021 and we have not had a chance to verify it yet. We encourage you to try and leave a comment or rate it on our website. Soft Key Softwarewill be of great help to our other users! Soft keys: Home key back is available for Android 9.0 and later. The current version of the program is 4.0.

Support these commands for long-press action:

  • Lock screen (Requires Device Manager enabled. If you already have Device Manager enabled and you want to uninstall this app, you must disable Device Manager first. There is an uninstall menu in “Help” to help you easily uninstall this app.)
  • Enable / disable Wi-Fi
  • Energy menu
  • Split screen
  • Camera initiation
  • Turn on voice control
  • Voice command
  • Start the pointer
  • Launch the browser
  • Start settings
  • Run this app
  • Run any app (Pro)
  • Take screenshot (Pro)
  • Close the navigation bar for 10 seconds
  • Search the Internet
  • Switch the message panel
  • Change the quick settings panel

Navigation Bar Apk Update:

Possibility to adjust the position of the button (0-100% near and far)

  • Swipe in the navigation bar for easier viewing in landscape mode
  • Improve compatibility with Android 11 (full-screen issues)
  • Add an update to the app for future updates
  • Add more payment channels for in-app purchases
  • Improved compatibility with dark mode
  • Add the “Full-Screen Mode” option to “Lock Bar” for Android 4.4 and later
  • Fix various bugs and improve performance

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