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musical.ly pro APKMusical.ly app is a social APK that users call Mouser, targeting teens! musical.ly Pro APKis just another form of social media, but the idea is quite unique. This platform allows users to create videos that can later be shared on their followers’ networks. It also allows comments on the video.

Musical.ly Lite APK

The Description Of musical.ly Pro APK

With musical.ly pro APK, users will be able to create 15-second videos with background sound clips. You can follow your friends, strangers, celebrities, and anyone who uses the musical.ly Pro APK. Musical.ly download APK was created for entertainment and should be kept away from young children, serving its purpose. The app is born in 2014 and has since become extremely popular with teens.


musical.ly Pro APK Additional Information

Category:Free Entertainment APP
Latest Version:18.3.6
Package Name: com.zhiliaoapp.musically
Published On:2018-12-18
Uploaded by:Master Kitikun
Requirements:Android 4.2+
Developed By:musical.ly
File Size:6.2 MB

Key Features

  • Download music videos: Download music videos for free by copying the URL of your favorite video
    From your favorite musicians or a popular model.
  • Automatic download: Open your music application with the music video download application and copy the URL of the video you want to download. musical.ly pro apk will automatically record and display the URL of Your required choice.
  • Pre-download: You can also watch a preview of this video before download it.
  • Easy to use: just copy the URL and press the download button! It is not easy for the elementary school child?
  • Sharing options: Share downloaded videos with friends or relatives using the sharing options.
  • Watch recorded videos: Easily access your already recorded videos from the Musically Downloader Library, And many more features on the road! Now press the install button.


How to download musical ly on android

If you download your mobile:

  • After downloading, you must install it.
  • After the installation is complete, the downloaded application can be run.
  • Comfortable!

If you are downloading to another device:

  • Once downloaded, transfer the file to your Android device.
  • Must be installed after transport.
  • Once the installation is complete, the portable application can be run.
  • Comfortable!

To start using the musical.ly pro apk, when you open the application, click the yellow plus button on the interface. There are two options. The first is to create a video from your video saved in the phone gallery. If you select this feature, the gallery will open automatically. The second is the shooting mode using its own camera.

To record the video, the camera button is displayed in pink. If the subject is dark, press the flash button. If you want to shoot a video without hands, click the timer button. There is a reversing camera to click to capture the entire face. When the download is complete, use the transparency button to cut the music to add lyrics to the sound.

Musical.ly Download iOS 2020

Musical.ly iOS Lite is a lightweight, customized version of the already very popular musical.ly application. Thanks to musical.ly pro apk lite version, you can create funny music videos and share them with all your friends and fans. To use the musical.ly download ios 2020 you will need to create a user account, but fortunately, this is a process that only takes a few seconds.

In musical.ly Lite users have many different options when creating their music videos. For example, you can save videos directly from the application or add images and clips stored in your device’s memory. Similarly, it is intended to add one of the millions of preset songs to your video or to select songs that have already been recorded on your phone.

musical.ly Apk Mod

musical.ly – The amazing short video creator is a fun and creative video makeup application and video editor for your short videos! With the application Musical.ly – Video Editor and Video Maker you can add funny stickers to your favorite short videos for Instagram! Video editor, video editor, motion stickers and stickers, selfie filters, professional video editing tools, selfie camera, makeup camera, beauty camera, secret albums, and art effects with collage layout and photo frames. With the easy-to-use editing tools, great filters, and effects of Music.ly, the best short video editor, and access to today’s best music, you can create and share free videos in no time.

Features of Musical.ly Mod

  • Unlock All
  • No Ads

More About Musically

The latest Musical.ly 2020 app is a video and music sharing application. The application includes music and video production in which the “musicians” (name calls for users of this application) create 15-second videos that synchronize the lips and dance to exciting music. Music lets you upload your own videos, collect and rearrange videos from others, and browse related content created by other users. You are allowed to like the second video with their heartbeat. You can also create a video duet with your friends and fans in the list below.

Download musical.ly APK for Mod


When was musically made?

The first version of Musical.ly APK was officially released in August 2014.

TikTok and musical.ly

Last year, Music.ly was renamed TikTok when the biotechnology company bought Music.ly for about $ 1 billion. The app is called Doyin in China and has over 300 million monthly active users! Not only the name but also the aesthetics and the application have changed after the purchase.

Social Sharing

Musical.ly is a social application where users often sync with popular or funny songs or dialogs. He can also sing, dance or play music or comedy. Once you are done, you can apply the filter or effect as well as the speed correctly.

You can join the challenge, where you have to create a video based on the theme or song it will present. Then use the hashtag and share it socially so everyone can see it. When I say social sharing, you can easily share not only within the platform but also on Instagram, Vine, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Musical.ly videos have been discovered on YouTube with 22,600,000 videos. You will have more than one million hashtags in music on Instagram.

Musicall.ly – Privacy Settings

When you first create your Music.ly account, it will be made public by default. You can change it to private later. If your account is private, you must approve anyone who wishes to follow you in person. Even if your account is private, your resume will still be public, so that your name, username, and other social media usernames are publicly visible. When you install the app, you will probably have an Instagram username. The platform also offers users the option to turn off location settings. The application does not use the exact location, but only uses an approximate value within a 50-mile radius.

If you are worried about people under 13 using this app, then it would make perfect sense, as it has a lot of songs that are vocal. However, the company has created a separate section for teens where they can only watch certain types of videos. They will not have the option to search, comment or post their videos. It is also good to know that their data will not be collected.


This is a great application and a lot of fun. If you are aware of possible privacy issues and take steps to protect them, you will have more fun. Keep children under 13 years safes around you. The app is really fun and can be a special children’s account. Instead, there is another search mark where children and teens can search for any video. The video will be activated automatically as the application opens.

In addition, the application does not have the ability to filter bad songs with bad references and profanity. Children need to be supervised by parents to minimize their meetings with inappropriate content, and when it comes to the security and privacy of sharing content with friends or the general public, they need to understand this.

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