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MovieBox not Working

MovieBox not working on your phone? Take it now if you are not alone.

ShowBox is a movie and video game for Android. MovieBox is a brother of iOS and the most popular for such applications on the Apple Walled Garden platform. More and more users are reporting that the software is not working. Personally, most complaints say there are no items in the app, but there are also reports of installation issues.

MovieBox not Working

The fact that MovieBox can be installed on both jailbroken devices (using Cydia) and jailbroken devices (using custom files dedicated to the Safari site) has become more popular among iOS users. only.

Unfortunately, both ShowBox and MovieBox no longer work. No software can communicate with the server.

The LiveBB movie app for iOS users to watch movies and shows on free web TV ended on November 29, 2018. Before the MovieBox pro apk is released, users can try the following methods once, or MovieBox will fix the problem. Stay up to date with the official TwitterMovieBox (@MovieBox_HD) for updates.

But from now on, users will find only the best options in MovieBox to meet their intense need to watch free movies. If you have problems with MovieBox, don’t worry. In this full article, we’ve reviewed five different ways to address all of the issues and shortcomings with Moviebox Pro apk.

Many MovieBox users don’t like the idea of ​​jailbreaking an iPhone, so they prefer to use the app to send movies to non-captive devices. In addition, Apple does not appear to allow such applications to sell official applications due to its legitimate use and suspicious nature, but the developer has its own way of downloading an unpublished application. But it is not stable.

Judging by the comments and Qs mentioned in the forum, downloading and playing the MovieBox is successful or excluded. Sometimes it only works for a few people.

As a result, many users complain that MovieBox does not work with the software. However, a complaint is a complaint and does not resolve anything. Resolving the MovieBox crash issue is very important. Here I put the solution to be treated. In addition to stupidity, we move on to business.

MovieBox not working; How to fix errors and errors in MovieBox

Watching movies online is an unprecedented pleasure. Advances in technology make life easier and you don’t have to go to the theater to watch a movie. Just set up a popcorn jar, turn off the lights in the room, and use your device to watch movies.

There are many applications that allow you to watch and download movies and videos for free, and Moviebox is one of them. However, you need to make sure it only works on iOS devices.

Users have been hot on the latter, but they have had a couple of problems in recent days. Casual Moviebox users can’t navigate like Showbox, stop, and get communication errors.

Here are the best ways to overcome these difficulties.

What is The solution to the problem MovieBox not working?

Moviebox is the best way to download and watch HD videos. But after seeing the problem, he became very stressed. Here are some tips to follow to solve these problems.

Here are some tips, so check out the following:

Method 1: Restart Moviebox (If MovieBox not working)

The first way to resolve an unresolved issue (MovieBox not Working) is to reuse the software. You must force the application to close and review it. You can also restart iOS for apps to work properly.

Just close and restart your device to see if your app is working properly. If MovieBox doesn’t work, here’s a simple solution.

Method 2: Adjust the time of your iOS device 

When Moviebox security files run out, some errors may occur. You can navigate it by changing the time on your device. Follow the instructions below.

Go to the toolbar first, then go to the “General” section and select the Date and Time option.

Now close it automatically and change the date.

Then restart the application, set the previous time, and try automatic recovery.

Method 3: Switch to VPN service (If MovieBox not working)

Often there are various problems, such as the inability to download videos, a crash on the server, etc. This happens because the specified video is not available in your area. If you want to access it, you can select a VPN service and enter the IP address. Shows a special IP address. There are many VPNs and you can choose a free service. Do the following:

iPhone / iPod: Tools-> General-> VPN-> Settings-> Select “PPTP” -> VPN server / account / password, enter “automatic” encryption level and select “Send all traffic” – Save
iPad: Settings-> General-> Network-> VPN-> Add VPN Setup-> Select “PPTP” -> Setup / Enter Server / Account / Password, “Off” RSA SecurID “” Encryption Level “Automatically”, Send “All traffic” – Save

Method 4: Reinstall Moviebox

If MovieBox still doesn’t work after you apply all of the above methods, you can install it. You should see the latest version. Moviebox also has an apk file. You can easily upload and work with these files. I will explain here that MovieBox does not work.

Method 5: Switch to Moviebox alternative

Last but not least, the next best way to get rid of confusion. You can use these methods to replace similar applications that provide the same usage and greater security.

MovieBox repair not running iOS 12/11 | MovieBox not Working

Users worry that MovieBox won’t work and they won’t be able to watch free movies online. To restore your favorite iPhone software, follow these steps:

The most common and relatively easy way is to force the application to close and restart when it is paused. Otherwise, you can reset your iPhone completely. After restoring the device, start the MovieBox and see if it works properly.

Another method used for iOS editing tools. This method requires the user to log in to the setting, select General, and then select the date and time. You must deselect Automatic Setup and manually set September 1, 2014.

The user can then reset the MovieBox and reset the “auto-tuning” time. This way, the expired MovieBox ios security certificate is valid and will not cause any problems at work. The solution is that MovieBox does not work.

Different VPNs can also help. All you have to do is find a VPN service provider and look at the server page on the server. Then enter your PPTP username and password. This process is described as follows:

Review the overall situation and click VPN. Then, in the “VPN settings” section, select “PPTP” and enter the details of the network VPN service.

Then select the encryption level and then “Send all traffic” to save. This process can be applied to both iPhone and iPod.

Update MovieBox or reinstall it on your iOS device. Be sure to remove the old version before doing so.

If all of the above issues don’t work, find the right option for your MovieBox. With so much content online, you can enjoy watching free movies by choosing a free online streaming app.

If you’re still having trouble, download and try the best Moviebox alarm.


  • Free download MovieBox PROapk – iOS / Android / Apple TV / PC
  • There are more than 10 choices for Moviebox 2019: movies like Moviebox
  • Download Showbox APK for Windows 10/8/7 PCs

The ease of the MovieBox not Working and its free use is popular with movie buffs. Another factor that attracts constantly updated data is that it offers movie lovers an urgent need.

Every day, more and more users install and use MovieBox and can enjoy quality services.

Part 1 – How to Fix MovieBox Issues on iOS 14( If MovieBox not Working)?

In fact, there are many aspects that MovieBox does not open or use. To avoid this, there is a straightforward solution, you can watch Hollywood, Bollywood, or Norwood movies without problems on iPad, iPhone without any problems, but not confused for many reasons.

The solution to MovieBox App on iOS 14:

1. Before resolving the issue, make sure that the MovieBox is forcibly closed, as it may be running in the background.
2. Go to Settings >> General >> Date and time. Stop auto-repair and set the date to September 1, 2014.
3. Go back to the home screen and open the movie window.
4. Select the settings >> General >> Date and time again and reset the Automatic option again.

Want to know why to fix the problem that caused MovieBox to work? This is because you need to bypass the outdated security certificate in the application. Changing the date causes the device to believe that the certificate is still valid and allows it to work.

Part 2 – How to Solve the MovieBox App on iOS 14 Problems?

In fact, I haven’t yet come up with an effective solution to directly solve the natural problems with the iOSB MovieBox that prevent MovieBox from opening. I could only count on the help of MovieBox Alternative. Of course, it can be compared to a MovieBox or better than a MovieBox for streaming and downloading programs from TV, movies, and more.

Part 3 – How to Troubleshoot MovieBox on iOS?

After installation, not all of these applications (Popcorn Time, HD Cinema, MovieBox) will work in iOS 14 except iOS 9. In addition to the bad news, iOS 14 also includes operational exploits to stop the TaiG device iOS 14.

However, there is a temporary solution. We recommend that you upgrade to iTunes 12.1 and then iOS 14 and then use TaiG Jailbreak on Windows. If you’re still tracking your iOS iPhone iPad, you can install Popcorn Time, MovieBox, and HD Cinema for free from Cydia. Also, if you’re using iOS 14, try downloading iOS 14 to iOS 13.


I finally found an error and also found a solution for MovieBox not Working. I will suggest all the possible ways to solve your problem. If you don’t have a trick, you need to look for the Moviebox option. This is the best way to get rid of the obstacles to watching a movie or a show.

If you see the information that now contains information, share it with the people around you. If you have any questions about Moviebox, feel free to leave a comment below. If you have any suggestions, please share them with us if you need more updates.

MovieBox and ShowBox are great apps for watching free movies and TV shows, but they’re not the only ones. We like popcorn time, but we need to use VPN to be more secure than Kodi, TeaTV, or any other IPTV solution.

List of Moviebox alternatives

  • Popcorn time
  • Showbox
  • Cody
  • Pumpkin
  • TeaTV
  • HD movie free
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hot star

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