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Movepic - photo motion &3D loop photo alight Maker 2.4 Free Download

Movepic photo motion &3D loop photo alight Maker

Movepic provides amazing photos and gifts for your social life. The most creative way to display curved photos on Socia Media with a variety of animation effects and beautiful filters. Use Movepic Photo Editor and Video Editor to create stunning live photos, live wallpapers, and GIFs with animated effects. Download this app and show your curved photos to your friends now.

Movepic APK

Additional Information about move pic

NameMovepic – Photo motion & Photo Animator
Category:Free Photography APP, Entertainment
Latest Version:2.3.6
Package Name:com.ryzenrise.movepic
Publish Date:2020-12-07
Latest Version:1.3.7
Uploaded by:Xander Newton
Requirements:Android 5.0+
Developed By:ryzenrise
File Size:43.5 MB

If you find photos and photos relatively boring and unattractive due to their static state, this cool move pic
the mobile app can be said to be a great tool for Android devices.

Not only does it help you capture these beautiful images with an amazing visual experience, but Android Movepic users can also get the most out of their mobile apps to create beautiful videos with amazing visual impressions. I will.

Now you can use your mobile device to capture all kinds of beautiful pictures and photos. Feel free to add unique video effects and customizations to fully immerse yourself in a fantastic visual experience.

And most importantly, thanks to the addition of motion effects to the mobile photo editor, move pic for
Android users should enjoy beautiful videos with a great visual feel.

Find out more about Ryzenrise’s exciting mobile apps in a detailed review.

Movepic has many options for editing photos and bending gifs as filters/overlays/text/adjustments. It’s the perfect app for converting curved photos and gifs into live images and stunning gifs of enlightenment. Outside.
As long as you download move pic, you do not need any other special tools to help you create cool effects. With Movepic you can complete all the effects you need.



To take full advantage of move pic’s exciting mobile apps, Android users will have to pay for the full version of the app, which is not always an option for most users. On the other hand, it is free to use, with some restrictions.

The app must also be running on the latest devices with firmware version 4.3 or later for the app to work properly on Android devices. The most important thing, however, is the specific permissions required to operate the application and optimize the program’s functions.

If you plan to take pictures with a move pic with the built-in camera, it is also a good idea to always choose an Android device with the appropriate available camera settings. This allows you to enjoy the best pictures and images from your camera.


  • Transform still images into amazing snapshots and cinemas.
  • You can animate all your curved photos by drawing a path.
  • Slide your finger to place the anchor in it and the arrow will show the direction of movement.
  • Adjusts the speed of loop photo animation.
  • Use the Freeze Brush to freeze a certain part of the curved race image.
  • With Movepic you can run rivers, move clouds, swim your hair, and dance fire. Let go of your imagination. Create a good GIF. You can also be a good video editor and GIF maker.

Move still images

  • You can animate everything in your Alight Motion photo by drawing a road.
  • Adjust curved photo animation speed.
  • You can also run the river, move the clouds, swim your hair, and dance the fire. Let us help you create amazing short videos and become a great live photo editor and photo animator.


Use overlay effects to add flying snowflakes, colored stars, and other attractive effects to your work.


  • Add a unique filter to make the curved movie graphics beautiful, you can turn it into a wonderful wallpaper.
  • Add a movie overlay to give your live photos an old-fashioned feel. Market your gif and make it a masterpiece of fashion.
  • We offer high-quality filters with different themes for different situations such as black and white, picnics, movies, everyday life, food, winter, and summer.


Tired of the dull sky?

Replace the calm horizon with colorful sunsets and animated clouds. You can turn your mobile video into pixel art or your clip into a masterpiece.


  • Customize your own filters for movie graphics and create beautiful backgrounds for your videos and photos.
  • Try the latest magic stickers. Share fun results with your friends and social accounts. More realistic and amazing movie effects are coming soon.
  • Show your own text with cinemas and live photos.
  • Add and rotate your photos as needed and customize your story with professional tools such as brightness, contrast, hue, and sharpness.

Movepic is a complete application for creating short videos with still images

Share your masterpiece directly with your friends on social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, and Twitter. Use this video editor, a loop pixel controller, and a video producer to edit motion pictures and create brilliant videos.

Use these snapshots and images, and these curved marine tools are best for being the brightest and brightest Pixar motion maker and the moving picgif maker.


Create bright moving GIFs with glitch, pixel, trippy, aesthetic, mojo, pixa, and psychedelic effects.
Add magic effects with animated stickers.
Combine these effects with animation. You can really make a big difference between photos and gifs.


Add real-life effects of camera movements and drug transfers to your photos and videos. Create a visual image that stands out from the crowd with this powerful app.


  • Create animated text and place it over the carved image, or leave the animated text alone on a cool poster.
  • Text effects: shadows, inner shadows, dashes, backgrounds, reflections, reliefs, masks, 3D text, image structures. add text to your photos.
  • Text Fonts – Choose from over 100 carefully selected fonts. Market your unique text photo on social media.

Add a fun overlay to add mood and excitement to your still images. Bring your story to life with moving graphics effects like cinemas. Overlay of weather and brightness. Share creative video stories on social media with still images. Create these moving wallpapers and live wallpapers to customize your home screen.


  • Crop and rotate the photo as needed.
  • Professional tools for adjusting brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and sharpness.
    There are also advanced tools for customizing presets. Create a unique story.

The app is easy to use. There are detailed instructions on how to quickly get a photo animator.

Share your masterpieces on social media like Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat.


Combine and overlap with multiple photos. Use all these image blending effects to become a great blend maker and blend editor.

What does it do?

If you are interested in the Movepic mobile apps, you can take full advantage of its features to allow Android users to fully participate in the photo experience. This app provides a powerful built-in camera app. With this app, you can effectively record all videos with the best visual quality and add many pre-filters with different visual effects and prints.

At the same time, the exciting mobile app has a powerful photo editing app that is easy to use to completely customize your photos. Here, the app offers various editing options for your photos, which effectively enhances your printing and viewing experience.

But more importantly, thanks to the amazing video effects, you can use Movepic to achieve a much stronger visual impression. Do not hesitate to take advantage of the many effects that are in the application and participate in the experience.

What is new

Optimized starting speed

Movepic Update 2.3.6

Hello everyone, we have further optimized the export solution. We hope it improves your editing experience.

Comments are welcome to announce your rating, your vote is always important to us.

Awesome features

Here are some cool features that the app should offer:

Simply add animations to your still images

If you are interested, you can live still images with the exciting mobile app Movepic. Here, the application’s excellent features allow it to animate the elements contained in an image. Select the movement you want and adjust the speed or loop animation.

This makes the whole viewing experience more fun and engaging. Feel free to create flowing rivers, move clouds, add unique animations, and improve your flow with your own transitions. All this makes the images even more active.

Have fun animating the surrounding environments with unique arts

To make animated photo elements more interesting, Movepic Android users can make different variations of colorful sunsets and animated rivers and clouds. You should be able to convert selected elements to pixel art or provide your own color choices, as well as moving photo elements.

As a result, you can effectively change the experience of the application and completely emphasize the color of the selected object.

Take impressive images with your super camera setup

To enable Movepic Android users to capture beautiful images with the most immersive visual experience, Movepic offers realistic camera motion effects with many stunning transitions and powerful effects. You can easily add all this to your camera before taking a photo.

As a result, you can maximize your image experience and make your images stand out from others. You can also take advantage of the amazing camera effects and enjoy the app to your heart’s.

Add certain overlays to promote your motion images

For those interested, Movepic’s fantastic mobile app provides a unique photo overlay that gives your creative work an exciting visual effect.

Here you can experiment with graphic effects with several movements that provide an exciting visual experience. Feel free to add movie effects to make your videos more exciting. Enable weather or flame overlays to take pictures in a variety of environments.

Or use a custom overlay to freely customize the moving background. As a result, you can create many unique and exciting images from your application.

Multiple blending and overlap effects

At the same time, Movepic offers a fantastic dual exposure option for marketing images taken with the settings provided by the camera. Here you can use several images to combine and overlap the images.

This gives you the freedom to use multiple editing options. And most importantly, you can choose to customize the dual exposure to your liking.

Make full uses of the built-in photo editor

If you are interested, you can now use the photo editor in the app. You are free to customize the images and photos available with this editor. Feel free to use the app to perform simple editing options such as cutting, rotating, and adjusting the colors of the image.

Or enjoy playing with the countless effects that you can use to further customize your image. From adding fun graphic stickers to enhancing your photos to professional photo editing tools. Everything will be available in the exciting Movepic mobile apps. This makes it much easier to manipulate available images at will.

Enjoy the unlocked app on our website

The app is still a Freemium mobile app, so if you want to get the most out of Movepic, you have to pay for in-app purchases.

However, you can choose a modified version of Movepic on our website, which is completely free and unlocked. All you need to do is download the Movepic Mod APK (VIP Subscription Unlock) from our website. Follow the instructions. Then you can install it on your mobile device.

Feel free to enjoy the complete mobile app and easily edit and enjoy your photos.

Final verdicts

If you know PixaMotion’s unique videos and some other mobile apps, Movepic is definitely the app for you. Here you can enjoy the standard options for creating videos. At the same time, the features of the app allow you to use Movepic to create the final video. And finally, thanks to the free features unlocked in the app, you can enjoy your app even more.

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