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Menu Button APK (No root)

The Menu Button APK works well for Android users who don’t want to use a physical button while their phones are off or restarted. The app works perfectly and turns off the phone and not just the screen, making it perfectly suitable for users who have trouble with their phone buttons or just want a more convenient and quicker option to turn off their phones.

TheMenu Button APK from the apk menu does not require a fully functional and fully customizable process. It contains a set of available buttons such as the back button, the home button, the power button, the space bar button, the page up / down buttons, the arrow button, and more.

The menu button appĀ provides a perfect and reliable experience for all users in terms of security and performance. The apk file does not require root and makes it very easy to access options like the menu button.

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Menu Button APK Additional Information

App Developed by:JetToast
Content Rating:Everyone
App Package:jettoast.menubutton
Publish Date:2020-06-27
Uploaded By:Fares Khriesat
Apk Latest Version:4.9
Category:Free Tools App
Android OS Version:Android 4.1+
File Size:8.3 MB

The description of Menu Button APK

The application three-dot menu apk allows you to add buttons to the screen of your device and use it for all kinds of functions: increase or decrease the volume, return to the home screen, go to the options menu, open an application, control the rotation and much more.

By default, the menu button no root adds a list of four items to the right side of the screen. However, you can customize each function in the new menu from the application options menu. From that menu, you can change the icon, size, and opacity of each button, as well as add or remove the background color.

Not only that, but the menu button also allows you to set exceptions for your applications. The list is usually always visible, but this cool feature means that you can disable it manually. This allows you to disable the menu while playing, watching videos, or enabling it only for specific applications.

menu button download is a very useful personalization application that you can use to create a custom menu bar for your Android device and do almost anything with a single click.

Restore Android’s lost menu button. The root is not necessary.
You can restore the functionality of the application whose menu cannot be displayed.
The “Start, Back and Recent Apps” button is useful when the actual button fails.

basic functions of menu button no root apk:
Show menu button
Register the application to use it
Customize the buttons according to your wishes
(Size, transparency, color, symbol, position)šŸŒŸ feature of download menu button:
Buttons can be freely added.
You can customize the behavior by tapping and holding.Other buttons
Back button
Visit the home page
Recent apps button
Power button
Volume up button
Volume down button
Mute button
Enter the key button
Space bar button
Arrow buttons
Tab key button
Page up button
Page down buttoncoffers notes for Menu Button APK:
This application will add a keyboard.
Due to a technical problem, a keyboard is required to implement the menu keys.
It is used to send a key when the button is pressed.This application uses accessibility services.
User settings are reflected when the displayed application changes.
Perform the following actions when the user presses the overlay button:
(Start, Back, Latest Applications, Power List)Restored the Android menu button. The root is not necessary.
Let’s go back to the list to the app.
In addition, the “Start”, “Back” and “Forward” buttons can be displayed.
You can use it as an alternative to the broken physical button [basic functions] – Show the menu button
– Button position, size, transparency, color, and icon assignment.
– Show notification bar
– The presence or absence of vibration [other buttons] – Back button
– Start button
– Recently used app button
– Power button
– Volume up button
– Volume down button
– Mute button
– Enter the key button
– Space bar button
– Arrow buttons
– TAB key button
– Button at the top of the page
– Page forward button [Apply] Buttons can be added freely, you can customize the touch behavior and hold. [Change keyboard] When you press the menu button, send the menu key from the keyboard (IME), call the menu of the displayed application.
When you press the button, if the keyboard is not an IME menu button, because the keyboard selection is displayed,
Please change temporarily. After that, when entering characters, the keyboard will return with a tap. [Permission] This application uses the auxiliary services of the user. (BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE)
This will only be used to perform the same process as the Start button and the Back button.
If a real button on the Android device is broken,
This application is an alternative to the Start button and the Back button to help the user.

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