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Where is your smartphone? You can find it easily with the Lost Droid Finder!
Lost Droid Finder will find your phone misplaced, lost, or stolen. It provides you with three great features: panic mode, predator mode, and a SIM card guardian.

lost droid finder APK for Android

You are downloading the file Lost Droid Finder · Lost Phone 2.6 for Android: Where is your Droid? You can easily find it with Lost Droid Finder! Lost Droid Finder will find your phone out of place, lost, or stolen. It provides you with three companies.


lost droid finder APK Additional Information

App Developed by:Innovagic Technologies
Content Rating:Everyone
App Package:
Publish Date:2020-06-05
Uploaded By:Momo Momo
Apk Latest Version:2.6
Category:Free Tools APP
Android OS Version:Android 2.1+
File Size:`266k

In short:
. Makes your phone ring, even if it is left in silent or vibrating mode
. Sends you the current location of your lost/stolen phone
. Sends you your new stolen phone number when you insert a new SIM
. When she panics, he tells her when someone picks up her phone
. It is controlled by text messages (SMS) from any other phone.
. Battery and CPU friendly
. Please note that Lost Droid Finder should not be installed on the SD card as it may not start when restarting the phone

lost droid finder In Details:

Worst case scenario
A friend loses the phone without installing Lost Droid Finder.
Don’t worry, tell him that:
1) Install it remotely from Google Play (instructions below)
2) Android predator text on your lost phone
3) Wait for the phone to answer your location

Panic mode:
Panic mode will set your phone’s volume to maximum and ring it for a full three minutes. Enough time to place them hidden under any pillow.
Lost Droid Finder will also provide you with information such as: when the music starts or stops, and when you discover that someone picked up your phone. Information can be useful, right?

And I SIM:
Guardian SIM notifies you when you replace your SIM card. It will also provide you with the new SIM phone number, so you can keep tracking the location of your phone and finally get it back.

Predator mode:
If your phone is stolen or lost in the woods, Predator Mode will mark it on Google Maps for you and provide you with the address of this location.

LDF is stealthy
Lost Droid Finder will hide all the control messages your phone receives and make sure that the potential thief never knows that you are trying to restore your phone.


This all only works if the lost/stolen phone is still connected to the internet and the thief has not removed his SIM-card!

The best part of this app is that once it’s set up, you can forget about it. Make sure you never forget your secret keywords if you ever need them.

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