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Kinguser apk KingRoot is the root tool for the lazy ones who want to root but don’t want to update third-party restores on beautiful devices. It can be used on almost all devices with Android 2.x-5.0 or newer. KingRoot based on a system exploit.

The optimal path strategy is presented to the device according to the ROM information from the cloud.

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Hence, you must maintain an internet connection during the rooting process. Also, king user apk KingRoot (app) does not activate Samsung KNOX and may close Sony_RIC completely.

Meanwhile, you can also start the rooting process by simply clicking a button in the KingRoot menu. PURIFY is a tool optimized for the Android operating system.

Saves battery power, improves device standby time, speeds up operation, and helps you return your device to a clean state. PURIFY only works with ROOT access. If the device is not rooted, you must obtain the device before using PURIFY, You can get ROOT access through king user KingRoot.

First, you can extend the standby time to conserve battery power. By clearing apps that claim to be running in the background, you can save RAM and get your device up and running faster than ever.

In addition, applications that use excess RAM can run smoothly after enabling cleanup mode. PURIFY also helps you archive notifications and get a clean notification bar.


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APK File Additional Information

Latest Version:5.4.0
Package Name:com.kingroot.kinguser
Updated on:2019-08-21
Uploaded by:
Requirements:Android 2.3 or higher
Developed By:KingRoot Studio
File Size:10.99 MB

More About KingUser APK

KingUser apk is one of the most popular rooting programs and special assistant for smartphone users. Designed specifically for this app, it allows you to manage all the settings and functions of the rooted device.

KingUser is very similar to SuperSU apk, but unlike this program, KingUser is much faster and easier to edit. This tool can be used not only for KingRoot but also for other applications in this category.

This application supports very weak root programs and can improve performance. Like other masters, the Kinguser function has very specialized functions. This program is the first protection of the system against unauthorized access of applications to system data.

Kinguser Apk is similar to SuperSU Apk. To install the King user, the device must be rooted. The main purpose of this application is to manage superuser rights.

It also has more features than the Supersu pro apk app. Android devices can be further customized by rooting. However, getting root access is not enough. You will also need an app to control access to routes.

If you are an experienced Android user and have already rooted your device, Kinguser APK is perfect for this purpose. Kinguser APK is similar to the already popular SuperSu route manager.

However, king root apk here has some additional features that are a solid alternative.

KingUser APK 5.3.3 Download for Android Latest Version

KingUser APK is a great alternative to SuperSU and SuperUser. In fact, this is done to manage all the root privileges you get after rooting.

So, you shouldn’t click King User Download as a rooted Android app. However, it is actually an application responsible for managing routes immediately after rooting with a tool like King Route. Rooted Android is at greater risk than non-rooted Android.

So it’s wrong if you think that rooting securely is only enough for what you expect. In fact, proper post-root management is very important if post-root downloads of the KingUser APK are allowed.

Download the latest King User App

The best competition route management tools can be downloaded from the direct link below. Download KingUser 5.3.3. We recommend the latest version of the tool as it contains updates and bug fixes.

What does the KingUser Root app do?

As mentioned above, the KingUser app is the best SuperSU alternative. Once you install the KingUser download, you will be given control over the apps that will be ported to your Android.

For example, it looks like allowing or just denying access. You can also enable always-on access if you want to always use the device. However, standard apps like Font Manager and Root Explorer don’t change whether you like it or not.

Another important advantage of KingUser Download is “automatic start” and “automatic shutdown”. Thanks to them, you can improve the performance of your device.

Therefore, if you reboot the entire device in some cases, you can use one of these functions to automatically start or stop.

Hence, this is a benchmark test that can be performed by downloading the APK of KingUser right after rooting.

KingUser download Function and Features

SuperSU and others serve the same purpose as managing root privileges, but the KingUser APK is gaining more and more attention for various reasons. If one proves to be its useful and beneficial interface, the other can be described as its extreme simplicity.

In fact, the KingUser Root Manager download tool has its own quality with more advanced features than the popular superuser management tool.

  • An easy way to manage all superuser privileges with the KingUser root app
  • Free and easy to download
  • It has unique features and is ideal for advanced users.
  • Speed ​​up your device with One Click Optimization
  • We welcome the latest material design possible
  • The Uninstall Tool offers a simpler uninstall option that allows you to uninstall unnecessary system applications that usually take up more space on your internal memory.
  • Options for editing the list of applications launched when the device is operating with Auto Start or Auto Power Off

Download update log KingUser APK

After rooting your Android smartphone, download KingUser 5.3.3, the latest and recommended program. In fact, this version contains important updates to the app to make this version of the tool generally available.

So, get the complete changelog to understand why we recommend tool 5.3.3.

  • Introducing a new high-quality design that makes users more comfortable and attentive
  • This new version of the tool includes additional security features to protect your device after a rooted process.
  • Improved One-Click Functionality and Higher Device Performance
  • Some bugs in David, Jack, and Tom have been successfully fixed.
  • Overall, it is more stable and improved

How to Download KingUser APK on Android?

As mentioned above, KingUser is very easy to download. As with installing any application, anyone can start the installation without any problems.

But above all, you need to enable unknown sources in your device settings. Then you can download the KingUser APK directly to your mobile or desktop PC and transfer it to your device.

As soon as you start Route Manager, you will see a warning screen. From there click Yes to continue. The application requires root privileges at various times.

So if you have an accurate understanding of what rooting means and how it works on your device, you can easily get KingUser support here for managing root privileges.

How to uninstall King User Download?

If you need to deactivate the device, you must uninstall the King User app. Here’s how to do it: Before proceeding, make sure that your device is protected and functioning properly. Then uninstall the KingRoot app from your device.

Step 1. Go to the King User app icon in the app menu.
Step 2. Then go from “Settings” to “Settings” in the upper right corner.
Step 3: Go to General Settings and click on Root Authentication Options.
Step 4: Then go to the “Remove Root” function.
Step 5: Continue to the next section “Do you want to permanently remove root privileges and return to a non-routing state?” Go to “Delete” and remove root-rights
Step 6: then watch the progress circle
Step 7: close the progress bar after uninstalling the root KingUser application

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