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Launcher7 APK

Launcher7 is a Windows Phone 7 launcher for Android. Unlike other current WP7 starters (Windows Phone Android, Metro UI), you can change the home screen accordingly. Press and hold one side and drag the tray to the desired location.

This version is free, but there are ads in the app list. If you don’t like the ads, you can use the ad-free donation version. An ad-free version of Launcher 7. Like the Phone 7, the Win 7 phone is almost the same as a real phone, and in some ways, it’s even better.

Launcher 7 for Android screenshots

Launcher 7 changes the home screen of your Android device. Download Launcher 7 for Android for free and change direction to Windows Phone 7

You are probably very happy with the system performance of your Android device. But you probably want to change the style. With Launcher 7, you can dress up your Android like Windows Phone 7.


Launcher7 Additional Information

Name: Launcher7
Category: Android Launchers
Latest Version:
Package Name: info.tikusoft.launcher7
Updated On: 2017-09-11
Uploaded by:
Requirements: Android 2.1.x or higher
Developed By: Launcher 7
File Size: 2.56 MB

Launcher7 Features and Support:

  • 1×1, 2×1, 1×2 tiles with configurable colors
  • Widgets in the tray! (As long as it fits in the widget)
  • Almost real like tile animation
  • Almost the same as the tile conversion mode
  • Almost real as a status bar
  • Animated contact mosaic (supports G + synced contacts)
  • Printable contact box that acts like a real phone
  • Folder tab
  • Web page mosaic
  • Image Center (use with caution, memory required!)
  • List of filters able apps
  • Similar colors and color selection as wp7
  • Original Windows Phone 7 wallpaper!
  • Freely configurable color of the upholstery
  • Startup options are in the application list (press the application menu)
  • Layout animation
  • Animated contact mosaic! (Still under construction)

To do a list:

  • Settable animation parameters (coming soon)
  • Folder (currently donation version)
  • Types of porcelain clocks
  • More mobile floor
  • Facebook integration


  • Bitmaps that are displayed side by side are no longer available. Regular tiles can now contain background images that do the same, and pages can now contain icons and backgrounds.
  • The actual widget plate can cause uneven scrolling, and the framework performs garbage collection at the most inconvenient times. Currently, there is no known solution. I haven’t given up the hope of finding it yet.
  • PICTURE CENTER needs a lot of memories! If you have any problems, please stop using the rent. There is no way to write a few commemorative legs or add more units
  • To add a new app to your home screen, press and hold the app in the app drawer and select Attach to Home Screen
  • You can make tiles transparent by adjusting the alpha value of the horizontal bar with the color picker
  • By default, the WP7 status bar only displays an icon when tapped. You can adjust the function from the options on the status bar
  • “Small tiles” display 1×1 x 172×172 pixels side by side in HDPI resolution. When I started developing the L7, I was able to measure the plate incorrectly. Since then, the plate has been huge. 172×172 tiles also look fast, so it’s a good idea to give it a try.
  • Contact the tile folder
  • Update the extension of the application icon (allows text color selection etc.)
  • Application integration (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Double-sided tile – Cutting tools that facilitate custom selection of bitmaps
  • Individual widget screen, add L7 settings-> Widget view access allows you to define how to navigate to the screen
  • Mailbox has a new “bucket” option
  • Added some ICS settings to version 1.1.12.
  • Contact plates now rotate instead of fading
  • 12.3: L7 can now be launched as normal app version 1.1.11.
  • Updated backup and restore. Should work again now
  • The backup format has changed and old backups no longer work (although nothing is lost because they haven’t worked yet)
  • The search button can be deleted (L7 settings-> Applause-> Hide search button)
  • The background image is now displayed in the search view
  • Updating the cache will bring up a progress bar
  • Android-style drawers now follow transparent icon settings
  • There is a Google+ button on the credit page that will take you to a place where you can follow the development of L7.
  • A search button has been added to the applause
  • Fixed inconsistent distance between applause icons
  • Fixed mailbox crash
  • You can now change the text of calendar tiles
  • Calendar tiles don’t start with transparent background when creating permissions:

Android. allow.READ_SMS-SMS box
READ_CONTACTS-Contact Mosaic
Internet message


Simple and colorful app launcher
If there is something that stands out about the Windows Phone’s interface, its simplicity and liveliness. It has large icons (the famous “tiles”), that make it easy to access all its functions. It is also very colorful and bright.

Download the APK of Launcher 7 totally free of charge and make your Android smartphone shine just like the Windows Phone 7. Consider this as alpha quality at best. If it crashes, please email me or report the crash and we’ll figure out a fix.
Recommended HDPI device, tested on Galaxy i9000.
MDPI devices should be now able to show things incorrect scale, but performance and memory usage may very well be a problem in these devices.

For today in our country, almost everyone worked with the Windows operating system on computers. This program is considered by most users to be sufficiently literate and well-developed for solving the tasks set.

Quite often, users are very accustomed to this software, after which they can not comfortably and confidently use other programs on smartphones and tablets. Especially for such users, the theme Launcher 7 was developed.

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