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Hike Messenger APK

Use this app to enjoy the best sticker experience with your friends.

Hike Sticker Chat app

With hike Messenger APK, Express yourself with a new hiking camera and share your moments freely with your friends. hike messenger is a communication application that provides instant messaging and SMS with a single application. Add a sticker, text, pictogram, etc., and add a little spice to the photo.

hike Messenger APK screenshots

Hiking (hike messenger) is similar to WhatsApp, but it’s cool in the sense that users can communicate via SMS. Hiking messages with other phones are unlimited and free worldwide. You can send messages to other phone users via SMS. However, keep in mind that if you always report an escalation error to another user, the user will receive a code that can be used to block it.

Hiking users receive 100 free hikes each month and send messages to friends who have not hiked. This is replenished every month and if a friend joins the app according to your SMS, 10 free SMS will be provided. so, hike messages apps free to download.

In addition, each user provides 50 free SMS per month for each friend invited to hike.

You can invite friends with Facebook, Twitter, email. hike messenger or Hiking users have a 100 SMS bonus only once, which connects Twitter and Facebook.


hike Messenger APK Additional Information

Name: hike messenger – Hide Chat, Call, Stickers, Wallet
Category: Free Social App
Latest Version: 5.3.21
Package Name: com.bsb.hike
Updated on: September 30, 2019
Uploaded by:
Requirements: Android 4.4 or higher
Developed By: Hike Ltd.
File Size: 34.79 MB

hike Messenger APK Description

hike app new version is an instant messaging tool for Android and even if hiking is not installed on your device, you can still communicate with all your friends and contacts.

As with other instant messaging systems for mobile devices, you can use the new hike download sticker chat to have one-on-one conversations with your friends or to create group chats. Even if you are not hiking, anyone can join the group chat on their favorite messaging system.

You can use other hike apk hiking features to quickly send voicemails or use a chat tag, as well as use transceivers.

www, hike download app also has options that can be used to prevent users from seeing the last time they logged in. You can show this information to a group of close friends and add and delete the appropriate ones. The Hiking Sticker chat is an excellent tool for instant messaging, which contains many options. And everything goes from a clean and attractive interface.

I love stickers and hidden conversations, but there are so many new features to express myself without using the form!

  • Blue Package: Blue Package is a new way to donate money to a beautifully designed digital envelope. You just want to add money to your hiking wallet and start sending!
  • Comments: Comments to friends and convey your feelings.
  • Maintenance: Enter the group member’s name or number after “@” and notify the team member
  • Reply message: Long press on a specific message in the group to reply.
  • Timeline and history: Redesigned camera interface to support flash.

Hike Messenger updated version – Message interface

The hike has a simple, user-friendly design with a clean interface. If you download hike messenger apk app, you will be asked to enter your mobile number. Hiking communication via instant messaging has features such as group chat, photo, and video sharing.

Group chat can start with icons in the upper right corner and you can send new messages with the “+” icon in the lower right corner. hike latest version download application supports various audio and video formats and transfers up to 6 MB per file. hike apk file seamlessly integrates all existing telephone contact.

If you swipe left, you can access various menu options such as home, invite friends, and free messages. If you slide your finger to the right, the search bar and “hiking on hiking” and “friends” are displayed.

When you send a message, you can check the sent, delivered (d) notifications, read and enter (…) and Whatsapp with different notification rules. In addition to standard pictograms on the device, hiking has its own set of pictograms. For more information on hiking messages, visit Hikeltd’s website.

Key Features of Hike apk

  • Hike apk Let’s make your own application with the colorful application-11 theme
  • Eline’s timeline: Let’s just love the important memories of the walking program
  • Text on a sticker: turn the chat expression into an interesting machine.
  • Stealth Mode: A great feature that hides all private chats from around the world and can only be accessed with your password!
  • Your private conversation is protected by those who have your phone and make sure To save money in the HikeWallet: Hike ecosystem
  • U UPI intermediate transfers
  • Betalληρωμής Payment-payment P2P to friends and other phone numbers
  • Top up prepaid with wallet and UPI payments and pay in arrears
  • The story is about capturing a small moment and sharing it with important people. Then create a Reellight Reel at the time of life using the hiking story and improve the sticker. The story lasts for 48 hours, after it is newly formed it disappears!
  • Video Conversation Video call: Chat with friends and family around the world with good quality calls.
  • Groupα Group Chat: Create a group with up to 1000 members for those who send the most messages!
  • Ics Magicselfie: This is always visible on Prim and Prime!
  • Live Filter: You can see the magic of touching your face with the camera your way!
  • Conversation topic: candlelight What is a romantic date without dinner? Bored! Some things are mentioned more often in the right settings. Now express your state of mind on the right subject.
  • 100 over 10000 free stickers: If you can not put it into words, say so on the stickers!
  • Share thousands of wonderful, happy, and nice stickers with your friends!
  • Express yourself with the language sticker in India’s largest Guathels collection of languages ​​in over 30 regions!
  • Privacy: Go hiking and manage privacy! Check the latest profile picture completely. Avoid insidious deputies and a nice acquaintance.
  • News: Best bit size Personal news at your fingertips! Delete all the latest news and stay up to date with what’s happening around the world.
  • Cricket: For many walkers, Cricket is their religion! So we are preparing a wonderful cricket experience for your messenger. Now follow your favorite team and match the live commentary!
  • H Free Hike2SMS in India: In addition to the hikes, free hikes are also included in the SMS. Therefore, you can send messages even if your friends are not hiking. And better things! Only free SMS can be sent to India.
    . Move to SD card

Tell us about hiking. If you have comments, questions, or concerns, you can leave a review in the Google Play Store or send an email to support@hike.in.
Facebook.com/hikeapp/ like us
Follow Twitter.com/hikeapp

What’s new in this version of hike messenger download free?

  • Get the app for a softer experience
  • Comments: Comment on a friend’s post and share my feelings with me.
  • Reply message: tap and hold a specific message in the group to reply.
  • Maintenance: continue to enter the group member’s name or number after “@”, send a message to a group member and send a message
  • Program and History: Camera Interface Lift it up again to support the front flash
  • From [Settings]> [Account], customize the default profile picture with the cute geometric bubble
    The advanced information screen for groups and friends.
  • Load bug fixes to improve your experience
    Tell us your comments at support@hike.in

The Latest Update – latest hike version 6.0

Let’s take a look at some of the major changes that have occurred in this issue.

Privacy and security: Hiking always has good security and privacy features. Hiking version 6.0, which is the latest update, security has been improved so far. You can see that some people can not see specific parts of your profile when they go.

Profile photos, photos, and other details can be freely updated as they can be hidden from a specific user at any time. Some features allow users to hide the entire conversation. Then you can press the magnification logo to use the pins.

Interface: A new user interface is a refreshing change. The main focus is a virtual hiking decal. There is a navigation bar with different products on the right. There is also a “night mode” that allows users’ eyes to use themselves at night. Unfortunately, the latest updates do not include any new themes.

There are small changes to the existing themes, but there are small color changes. The main colors are white and they are uncomfortable for those who like dark colors.

Messaging experience: This is a case of what has not been downloaded from previous versions of the new features being applied. Scratch and reply have been omitted, but step 5 is not supported for text formatting options.

Some new features include “Delete all messages” and insert the feature. Dual handsfree to vibrate other users’ phones. You can add topics to the chat, but if a user changes the topic, the topic changes for all users in the conversation.

Indian countries have been greatly underestimated in social media apps and other cool plugins, but not everything is old, but everything is changing with new Hikemessanger apps for Android directly from the Indians.

A Look Inside the Hike app new version

The people of India are amazing, but unfortunately, many of them can not even find a normal application that can be used as we westerners. Android is actually a fairly large market share in India and many of the citizens use these mobile devices and we do regular chat, text messaging, and calculations.

Still, it is very difficult to find services for Indians. Think, for example, of an application like WhatsApp. This is not entirely suitable for Indians. But today the market has a new application called Hike Messenger, which refers to Catering to internal sub-screens.

This program is really universal and anyone can use it, but some of its features, like free SMS, are already available in India. This is a strong indicator that shows that it is an Indian social app and gives more power. Based.

But if you like these features and options, do not procrastinate. You can always use Americans, Canadians, English, Australians, Germans.

As long as you are connected to the Internet and you know other people who use the application, text, video, pictograms, etc. Just because this program is created for the indigenous people does not mean that others can not use it.

This means that most people like to use it in India. But it does not affect your friends.

What’s Hike Really All About?

This is a very small application and it works like a normal application like WhatsApp or Skype, but it does not require much power from the user. It can be used to send pictures, videos, sounds, sounds, etc.

You can share your current location or create a full profile or invite people to group chats. Hiking is also a lot of fun because you can get a whole new set of nice pictograms that are not available from many other services. You can also select the sneak mode of the program and use it if the privacy is hidden.

When you download this app, registering is as easy as entering your phone number. Enter a number, select a name and add a contact who is ready to use the system.

Also note that Bhartisoftbank, a developer of this app, has also released a new version here. As it has been downloaded 5 million times so far, it is a very popular system for those looking for a good messaging service.

Pros and Cons of Hike


  • Very intuitive and easy to use.
  • You can share all types of media.
  • New unusual pictogram to be used.
  • Group chat and private operation available.


  • It’s not exactly a startup application.
  • Most of the network is Indian.

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