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Smart Video Recorder is a background video recording app

hidden camera without icon APKhidden camera without icon met the developer of Thucnd, Hidden Camera Without Icon is a tool app on the Android platform. The current version 3.5 was released on May 21, 2018. This application contains more than 500 thousand downloads and 4.2 thousand audio. The rating is 4.4 stars, you can check the details below.

hidden camera without icon Free download APK for Android Latest Version


hidden camera without icon APK Additional Information

App Developed by: Thucnd
Content Rating: Everyone
App Package: com.thucnd.hiddencamera
Publish Date: May 21 18
Uploaded By:
Apk Latest Version: 3.5
Category: Free Tools apps
Android OS Version: Android 4.0+
File Size: 2.97 MB
Downloads: 500,000+

hidden camera without icon APK is a camera app that helps you record video in the background with the option to enable/disable shutter sounds and camera previews. Useful features include continuous logging when the screen is closed, scheduled recording, and easy-to-use one-click shortcut/widget.

Hidden camera without an icon.
The hidden camera with no icon records the background, without preview, so you can use your phone as usual and no one can tell you that you are recording the video.
Just one tap for immediate registration, registration scheduling

Hidden Camera Without Icon APK description:

★ Notice:

1. Call # 12345 to open the application
2. Reset password: settings (system) -> application manager -> application selection -> delete application data (backup video to SD card before deleting application data) hidden camera no icon.
The hidden camera with no icon records the background, without preview, so you can use your phone as usual and no one can tell you that you are recording the video.
Just one tap for immediate registration, registration scheduling

★ Show/hide the application icon and open by calling # 12345.
★ Startup mode when: turn on the screen, open other applications …
★ An unlimited number of video recordings.
★ Unlimited video duration.
★ There is no shutter sound.
★ Automatically start after restart.
★ No preview.
★ No notification.
★ You can register during the phone call.
★ Turn off the screen and continue recording in background mode.
★ Schedule video recording at a specific time.
★ Supports front and rear cameras.
★ HD video recording (1920 x 1080).
★ Enable / Disable notification, message screen when start / stop recording.
★ Check free storage before signing up.
★ Easy to open the folder containing the recorded videos.
★ Protect videos by the password lock screen.
★ Show/hide video from the gallery.

What’s New in hide camera apk

Fix bug open by link android 7


Q: Why does recording stop when the video file size reaches 4 GB (approximately 30 minutes)?

A: By default, Android will stop recording when the file size reaches 4 GB or 30 minutes. You can enable the “Set Repetition Time and Frequency” feature to test. You should set the maximum time to be 30 minutes or less (the best option is the duration of the video on your device when the video file reaches 4GB) to avoid crashes.

Or if you are saving a file to an SD card, you must format the SD card as exFAT instead of FAT in order for the app to record video for a long time (more than 30 minutes).

We currently offer version 3.5 of the hidden camera without icon old version. This is our latest version. It is suitable for many different devices. Download the apk directly from Google Play Store or other versions we host. Also, you can download without registration and without logging in.

We have more than 2000 devices available for Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola, LG, Google, OnePlus, Sony, and Tablet devices … With many options, it is easy for you to choose the games or software that suits your device.

it can be useful if there are country restrictions or restrictions by your device in Google App Store.
When you are free, there is nothing to do and you want to know something, you want to know the whispers of others when they talk about someone because you are very curious but you cannot escape and ask. You have a smartphone that connects to the Internet in your hand. Then use the hidden camera without an icon.

Download Hidden Camera Without Icon APK v1.71 Mod Unlocked for Android

hidden camera without icon apk is one of the most interesting video recording applications because the icon displayed by the application will not appear on the screen or, more precisely, the icon of the application will be hidden. Guarantee the absolute security of all. The hidden camera will definitely be the perfect choice for your needs.

The similarities are that this application is similar to all other video capture applications. The user uses the video to record a conversation, game or party. A little light and size can be edited to make the image clearer and more beautiful. However, since it is a hidden camera, there is a difference in this app.

The app icon will not display on the phone’s home screen, which will be suitable for those who do not want the person’s privacy to be violated, negative only if the user has other needs. Large video clips can be used in long conversations, which won’t affect everyone.

Especially the use of other applications is to open the password. If you use the password, you can use the application icon. But for the hidden camera, it will open with a password and a tap, the video is back.

The hidden camera without the APK icon is currently recording the wallpaper, there are no options or notification preview option, so you can use the phone as usual and one thing is sure no one can know what is recording the video. With just a tap to instantly register, the scheduler will start recording. The volume and sound will be identical to that of the device.

Wondering when to choose which apps to install on your phone. You want to record your voice while practicing a great presentation or just for a fun video session right when you sing. Come to the hidden camera without an icon. Even the smart app will make you happy with all the above features.

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