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Go Launcher Fonts APK

GO Launcher Fonts

Go Launcher Fonts APK 57 new fonts for your GO Launcher Ex, GO SMS Pro, and GO Keyboard.
Supports App2SD.

Setting up the fonts in your GO Launcher settings.

It is also working for GO SMS Pro (Layout Settings) and GO Keyboard (Advanced Settings).

go sms font


Go Launcher Ex Fonts Additional Information

Name: GO Launcher Fonts
Category: Free Personalization App
Latest Version: 3.6.1
Package Name: com.beecub.golauncher.golauncherfonts
Updated On: 2015-01-01
Uploaded by:
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Developed By: beewhale
File Size: 2.8MB

How to select font within GO Launcher Ex:

Home Screen -> Open Menu -> Select “Preferences” -> “Visual Settings” -> “Font” -> “Scan font” -> “Select font”

Uninstalling the app removes all the fonts. Nothing is left behind on your phone.


  • CursiveSerif
  • Alfphabet
  • Segment14
  • Dotrice-Bold
  • PressStart2P
  • GNUTypewriter
  • Ubuntu-Title
  • MedievalSharp
  • LiberationSerif-Bold
  • YanoneKaffeesatz
  • GoudyBookletter1911
  • MaidenOrange
  • Lobster
  • WalterTorncoat
  • VT323
  • CarterOne
  • Geo-Regular
  • Sancreek
  • Salsa
  • Rancho
  • Schoolbell
  • JustAnotherHand
  • Roboto

GO Launcher Fonts App 3.6.1 Update

(Fix) Critical bug3.6.0:
(New) Fonts:
– Russo One
– Marcellus SC
(Improve) Layout (Android 3.x, Android 4.x)
(Fix) Some bugs3.5.0:
(New) Help dialog on font preview page
(Improve) Reduced app size a bit (10%)
(Fix) Some bugs

(New) Fonts:
– Poly
– CeasarDressing
– Actor
– DellaRespira
– ChauPhilomeneOne
– Amarante
(Fix) Some bugs

Apk Permissions

  • open network sockets
  • access information about networks
  • write to external storage

How to change fonts for Android

One of the great things about Android is its adaptability. On Android smartphones, you can customize it, but you want to improve the experience and express yourself. Changing Android fonts seems like a logical extension of this philosophy, but it’s not always as simple as you might expect.

The good news is that there is a way where there is a will! Read on to find out how to change Android fonts!

Some phones already have it built-in Go Launcher Fonts!

Standard Android doesn’t (yet) have the ability to customize system fonts, but many manufacturers customize their software to support highly desired features. Companies such as Samsung, HTC, and LG can easily change Android fonts.

The process may vary depending on the particular phone, but this option is usually in the Settings, usually the View section. From there you can change the actual font and font size.

For example, on almost all Samsung Android devices, you can change the font. Samsung pre-installs some additional fonts in addition to the regular fonts, but you can get more online from the Galaxy Store (both free and paid).

To select a font, you need to quickly go to Settings> View> Font Size and Style. Touch the name of the desired font to confirm that it is set as the system font.

The source changes will be made immediately. No reboot required. The selected font is displayed on the device interface, such as the clock in the status bar, system menus, and even text messages.

Changing fonts for Android with apps and Go Launcher Fonts

If you can’t change the font system-wide, a convenient way to change the font on Android is to install a custom launcher. It replaces the home screen and can often affect other user interface elements in the system. Customizing fonts in this way often changes the look of your device.

If that fails, there are some apps that allow you to manually change the font for Android. Consider the best option below.

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