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Go Contacts Pro APK

GO Contacts Pro APK

GO Contacts Pro is a smaller, faster update to GOContacts EX with a new visual and interactive experience for Android 4.0. This is an alternative to Android’s contact list. Go Contact EX is a tool that makes it easy to replace the traditional contact list on your Android device with a more personal list and offers some great features.

First, you can add contact names, companies, surnames, keywords, and more. This allows you to quickly search with different types of filters such as. You can copy and paste your contacts and messages in a few simple steps.

Another great feature is the smart keyboard. When you start dialing a phone number, the application automatically recognizes it and offers a variety of speed dial options.

GO Contacts Pro screenshots

If you don’t think it’s fast enough to make a call, you can also assign a shortcut to create a specific contact, so all you have to do is number to call your friend Just click.

Finally, the app comes with a variety of display modes, so you can customize how the planner is displayed and configure it to suit your needs. Go Contact Ex is an interesting alternative to Android’s contact list, allowing you to communicate quickly and easily with your loved ones.


Features of Go Contacts Pro:

  • ┬áT9 smart dial, speed dial, a fuzzy search for numbers using the first letter of a contact
  • Filter call logs especially missed calls
  • Delete the specified call history
  • Group management
  • A smart combination of double contacts by contact name and number
  • Sync your contacts with Google
  • Knowledge management
  • Massive SMS
  • Use the GO Contact Pro description developed by GO Launcher EX.
  • GO Contact Pro is related to Android apps, contacts.
  • At this time, you can read the description of GO Contacts Pro from the official manufacturer GO Launcher EX here.
  • Size: 2.0M
  • Android operating system
  • Developer: GO Launcher EX
  • Pricing: No in-app purchase required. freedom
  • You can use the T-9 option when entering the speed dial contact name.
  • Includes search reduction. For example, write the alphabet. The font displays all names in the alphabet.
  • You can filter your search time much faster by navigating to your contacts.
  • Missed calls are always filtered very specifically. Missed calls can interfere with the filtering process.
  • You may need to remove the call history from the call history. But for a busy time. I forgot to delete the old register. This app has a handy solution to make this process easier!
  • Just add a number to the “Automatically delete history” feature. This will automatically remove the conversation from the call log after each call.
  • Contact name and number duplication issue-always the best feature of this app. All contacts are stored in both the SIM card and the phone’s memory. And I was facing a difficult and serious problem. Even if you move the two SIM cards three times, all the numbers will be saved. But I have found a suitable solution to solve this annoying problem.
  • Go Contacts Pro APK also allows you to remove duplicate contacts! You can find the same name and phone number and suggest removing them.
  • With the removal system, you can select them all and then delete them all with the push of a button.
  • Upload your contacts and store them securely on various internet storage devices.
  • Deliver your app to your online account and then start syncing.
  • There is also an automatic sync option. After each new person’s entry; this app will automatically sync as soon as possible.
  • However, due to the disconnection of data from the Internet. You cannot upload new data or update your online store.
  • We strongly recommend that you enter a new * .CSV or *.VCF in your contact list and then open a data connection.We are honored to cooperate with the translation. If you would like to help build a better language package, please click the link below. ”

Download Go Contacts Pro APK Latest Version

Then share the apk file of today’s topic program. We share the world’s most convenient download options for Android mobile users. Our shared app is also very easy to use for other device users. Now, check the details of the file to download.


Go to the free download of the latest version of Contact Pro APK for mobile phones with an Android operating system. This is an easy-to-use, ultra-fast application for managing your contacts smartly. Updated from standard Android keyboard and contact management app.

If you are not satisfied with the standard keyboard, please contact the administration program. You need to download this APK file.

Try this from time to time. With its new features, it has become the best in the field of Android communication apps. go contacts pro APK is now a search and trend contact-based Android app. People want to download this application.

A few days ago, one of the visitors asked me to install this program on a secure server. As a result, our team decided to share this application with ABA. Thank you for your support and thank you for reading all the information. Good luck with go contacts pro.

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