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Gamekeyboard apk

Gamekeyboard apk is a general-purpose mapping tool adapted to the game. You can play only touch screen keyboard/gamepad games, only touch screen/keyboard/mouse games, or keyboard games only in this app. See FakeWalker for the touch screen to GPS mapping. Some functions are just root. See the list of functions for more information. If you have any problems, please contact the developer at android.locnet@gmail.com.

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Game Keyboard apk Description 

Game Keyboard for GTA VC Game Cheater. Vice City Cheater application for GTA Vice City.

How to Start

  • Open Gamekeyboard apk Application.
  • Click on Activate Cheater.
  • You will find a cheat button on top of the Screen
  • Start GTA vice city game.
  • when you want to activate the cheat.
  • Click on the chat button.
  • the keyboard will be open.
  • Now input your cheat and your cheat will be Activate.

NOTE:- This is an unofficial third party application of Gamekeyboard apk and it does not have any Game it is an application just for input Cheat Codes


Game Keyboard apk Additional Information

NameGame Keyboard for GTA VC
Category:Arcade & Action
Latest Version:5.2.0
Package Name:game.keyboard.gta.vice.city
Publish Date:2017-09-30
Uploaded by:Locnet
Requirements:Android 2.3 or higher
Developed By:Locnet
File Size:1.5 MB

Main Features of Gamekeyboard apk

1. On-screen keyboard: -Multi-touch (depending on the device and operating system) -D-pads in 4/8 directions, up to 12-button games, 2 analog sticks -Reusable and customizable Button layout: assignment of fully configurable buttons

2. Hard key reset

3. Save key/button mapping to profile

4. Full qwerty keyboard

5. Create autostart macros, combine buttons, action sequences, and buttons Enter text by pressing

6. Mimic the actions of the touchscreen and works on touchscreen devices (such as Android TV boxes) (requires root)

7. Emulates a real analog joystick (requires path support, OS joystick)

8. Virtual mouse mimic (requires root)

9. Skip the need to change the virtual keyboard Standalone mode (requires root.

Important: Make sure SELinux is disabled while using root function only on Andr devices or 4.3+ controller Compatibility ad This application allows users to control the game in the following ways: –

Touch screen-Throttle-Mouse (requires root) -BlueTooth keyboard/Blue controller compatible with ezIME-BlueTooth controller compatible with keyboard/operating system (for example, connected to OS 4.2 as HID device) Keyboard/Controller) * –

USB compliant keyboard/controller * -Virtual controller imitated by third party device (e.g. universal Moga controller system mode, 6-axis bypass mode)

* – Gingerbread Touch Xperia Play Pad (root required) -Gamepads built into various gaming devices

* Unless you connect the controller via BluezIME software compatibility, root access is required to read analog inputs This application was originally provided as a But now it works in many other applications. Not all apps are supported, so give it a try during the trial period.

For better compatibility, we recommend using a Bluez IME compatible driver if you need a physical driver. Some compatibility issues can be solved by using the root function. If you have any problems, please contact us. How to call GameKeyboard:

Activate [Settings] -> [Use HotKey], then [Vol]. Use the top/center mouse as a hotkey: Enable Settings-> Use Access Point, then tap a corner of the access point screen.

The Qwerty standalone mode limit is currently not supported and unwanted button/button inputs may not be filtered. Please go back to virtual keyboard mode or email us if you have any problems. Thanks to all original Game Keyboard users for their support.

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