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Ex Launcher is the ultimate choice for over 100 million people! User voted as the best Android launcher! Download now to enjoy 10,000+ themes and experience super fast and smooth use of the powerful 3D core! Being the ultimate home screen replacement, ex launcher turns your Android device into a great personal online experience you can truly control – it’s up to you!

What is Ex launcher?

Ex Launcher is a free apk that will radically change the look of your Android device’s operating system, making it much more colorful, fun, and also more manageable and intuitive in some of its applications. GO Launcher is a very complete application to air the differences in your Android terminal. If you also combine some of the GO team’s tools, you can get a truly personal Android terminal.

ex launcher apk screenshots

Key Features:

  • More than 10,000 custom themes (keeps increasing)
  • Super soft flip and transition effects provided by the 3D core
  • More than 25 fantasy transition effects
  • More than 15 widgets available for free (weather, clock, switch, calendar …)
  • Launch applications with gestures


Best themes and extentions for android

With the app, you can easily change the “theme”, choosing from many different options at the touch of a button. You can also change the appearance of different screens, such as any icons on different desktops.

Some desktop themes allow you, for example, to circulate your icons to access them by rotating and exploring them. Other options allow you to adjust the scrolling speed of the screen or some of the options that allow you to do all this with your fingers.

About Ex Launcher:

Name: Ex Launcher
Category: Free Tools APP
Latest Version: 2.51
Package Name: com.gau.go.launcherex
Updated On: 2019-08-31
Uploaded by:
Requirements: Android 3.0 and up
Developed By: GOMO Limited
File Size: 26.85 MB

How to change the font on your Android:

GO Launcher – New 2018 Themes Arrive! – Go Launcher Features Include:
GO Theme – Provides over 10,000 free mobile themes for Android
Go to Wallpapers: Update different types of HD wallpapers including beauty, pets and stunning landscapes from all over the world

  • Transition Effect: Over 20 screen and box animation effects
  • Widget: weather forecast widget, search widget, toggle widget and 2018 calendar widget
  • App Management: Hide and lock apps to protect phone security
  • Dr. Clean: Increase the speed of your phone

You can find launcher themes, icons, HD wallpapers and widgets in GO Launcher and customize your home screen, menu and even lock screen interface with 3D effects.

Custom 2018 app with 10,000 mobile themes

Go Launcher Ex prime apk:


Go Launcher Ex prime apk is a stylish and personal application for Android and iPhones, which offers more than 10,000 beautiful mobile themes for you. We have professional designers who create many trendy launcher themes with different styles every week, including stars, anime, games, cartoons, etc. 3D screen effects, app widgets, and 100,000+ free HD wallpapers that are ready to customize your home screen, menu, and lock screen.

Ex launcher 2020:

With the independently developed 3D engine, Go launcher 2020 NEW Apk offers you an extremely fast and safe operating experience with simple, smooth, and impressive 3D effects, dedicated to becoming the best partner in the world for users who use Android mobile phones in their lives and in their work.
DIY Themes is a useful tool to help you design your own themes with your photo and icon. Go launcher ex mod apk makes your Android phone more elegant and personal.

How to uninstall go launcher ex?

Look Settings> Security> Device Administrators. If you’ve given Ex Launcher Apk permission to turn off the screen or use gestures, it may have been enabled as an administrator. If it’s there, uncheck the box and then go to Application Manager or Playstore and uninstall it.


Time to download Ex Launcher and experience the best Android Go Launcher Apk theme design! We are convinced that you will find your favorite Android launcher themes on the Ex Launcher’s Theme Store. Ex Launcher is deeply convinced that your support spurred development. You say well, we say thank you.

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