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ePSXe apk

ePSXe apk for Android is a Playstation emulator (PSX and PSOne). This is the port of the famous ePSXe for PC. EPSXe offers very high compatibility (> 99%), excellent speed, and accurate sound. Designed for smartphones and tablets (for players 1-4), including a fun option for 2 players in split-screen mode.

Includes virtual touch screen support, hardware button mapping (external Bluetooth or USB gamepads such as Xperia Play, keyboard or gamepad phones, WiiMote, Sixaxis, Xbox 360, Moga, Ipega), and analog sticks.

ePSXe apk supports extended OpenGL HD graphics with a Peoplesxgl plugin, cheat code, and mem card savings and support in the PC version. EPSXe includes native support for ARM and Intel Atom X86.

Description of ePSXe

This is a great simulator! (In fact, it’s easier to set up on the phone than it is on the computer.) The game also works well with on-screen controls. EPSXe is a great PlayStation emulator that lets you play and enjoy PlayStation games on your computer.

It’s very easy to use and configure, and you’ll be able to play PSX games in just seconds. First, you need to configure the program. To do this, you need to download the BIOS file. To find this, search for scph1001.bin or scph7502.bin in any search engine.

After downloading the files, simply configure the driver, select the keys you want to use, insert the CD, and enjoy the PSX game on your computer.

ePSXe screenshots

Additional Information

Category:Arcade & Action
Latest Version:2.0.14
Package Name:com.epsxe.ePSXe
Update On:2020-01-07
Uploaded by:EPSXE
Requirements:Android 2.3 or higher
Developed By:epsxe software s.l.
File Size:10.54 MB


ePSXe for Android

ePSXe apk is One of the best and most functional Sony PlayStation console simulators for the Android platform. In particular, this project is a port of the popular epsxe on android and PC. Perhaps the obvious advantage of this simulator is due to its almost perfect compatibility with the game, with great speed and good sound.

Additionally, you can conveniently configure and control the on-screen buttons and analog gamepad.

Furthermore, external gamepads connected via BlueTooth or USB such as WiiMote, Sixaxis, Xbox 360, Moga, Ipega are supported. It is worth noting that it is compatible with the latest graphic interfaces and memory cards.
Updated to version 2.0.14!

One of the early developments of the video game console was designed by Sony in the form of the One Play Station and X Play Station. These are the devices that gave consumers the first modern gaming experience. But the technology never stayed silent, what happened to these devices?

They became obsolete, and the games and happy times that recalled many childhood memories were limited to these obsolete devices.

But if you can’t enjoy the same old games, what’s fun with technology?

This is exactly what the creators clicked on and created a unique app called epsxe on android that gives gamers the chance to relive their dreams. To play the same game you enjoyed on the old PlayStation One and PlayStation x on the latest Android devices with the best graphics.

This article provides a download link for the latest version of the epsxe on the android application. Stay tuned.

Features of epsxe apk android

  • During the development of the application, the creators worked towards the key objective of increasing customer satisfaction. That’s exactly why it has many great features that guarantee top-quality audio for your application, very high compatibility with almost any brand of Android device, and high speed that ensures a smooth gaming experience. .. This application is also designed to provide one of the simplest user interfaces that anyone with or without technical experience can enjoy a great application.
  • Every time I hear the term application, everyone thinks it works well on our smartphone, the Android device, but forget that the developers have confirmed that the benefits of the application reach everyone. application. It works well on Android smartphones and tablets, so you can experience great games no matter what device you use.
  • epsxe android apk app is designed for players 1-4 to play the newly supported classic games. But other than that, the main feature we need to talk about is moving to a split-screen mode where both players can play the game at the same time so that it provides an amazing gaming experience. A game designed for 2 players. The split-screen mode gives epsxe android apk a unique feel.
  • The author has verified that the program provides everything the user needs. This is why the app supports a full list of supported hardware devices. This means that if you don’t like playing your favorite classics using touch screen controls, you can use these hardware devices. This application is compatible with Bluetooth and USB devices like Xperia Play, phones with keyboards and gamepads, Wiimote, Sixaxis, analog sticks, and Xbox 360. These are just a few examples and the list is endless.
  • To ensure users get the highest quality graphics on supported versions of their favorite PlayStation One and PlayStation X games, the author featured the best OpenGL HD graphics on the market with the Peopsxgl plugin. The manufacturer did not promise to guarantee that consumers would not be disappointed when they saw a compatible version of the game.
  • The PC version of the app also provides some very important features like cheat code support, the ability to use the savestate function to save the game anytime, anywhere, and a memory card. Useful for saving games. After all, saving games wasn’t a common feature on both Play Station One and Play Station X game consoles.

How to install the ePSXe apk?

here are the Installation steps for the ePSXe apk:

  • Click on the download link above for epsxe for android. This will result in a warning message about installing apk, such as:
  • Press OK to begin the download process immediately.

Press OK and the download process

  • When the download process is complete, the user will be redirected to the ePSXe apk installation page.


  • Press Install and your Android device will complete the epsxeforandroid application installation process.


WHAT’S NEW in ePSXe apk:

Very important: the first 64-bit version. If you are using a plugin (OpenGL or Sevenzip), you need to update the plugin. Report the problem to epsxeandroid@gmail.com !!!
Added 64-bit port and SDK API 28
Added onPause support (enabled in Settings> UI Settings)
Better to find a button when pressing the touch screen
Compatibility repairs: V-rally 2 JAP, Samurai Shodown III, Kagero Fraud II
Fixed gamepad editor
2.0.14. Fixed a crash in HLE + 64-bit mode



ePSXe apk for Android – The best PlayStation emulator (PSX and PSOne) on Android. epsxeforandroid offers high compatibility and excellent speed. The simulator was developed for smartphones and tablets, and also features a two-player way to play on tablets. To date, the number of features and the quality of its ePSX electronic performance are unmatched.

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