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With Microsoft Launcher (formerly Arrow Launcher.apk), you can customize your Android device to match styles such as wallpapers, theme colors, icon packs, and more. You can use your Microsoft account, your work or school account to access the latest calendars, documents, and events from your personal feed. You can also open photos, documents, and web pages on your Windows

* PC to be productive on all your devices. New features in V3.0! Performance has improved significantly.

  • The arrows are 10% faster
  • Uses 15% less battery
  • Uses 20% less memory. New features in V3.0! Brand new tool page. Set the tool “short” as a separate page or customize it to your liking.

Microsoft Launcher formerly Arrow Launcher apk screenshots

Efficiency meets style. Arrow launcher apk is Microsoft Garage’s personal launcher that greatly simplifies the Android experience. The arrows are light, fast and efficient.


With the launcher arrow, you can customize your device to suit your style. Customize icon packs, home pages, wallpapers, and more. With the Bing Day Wallpaper feature, you get a new look every day.

arrow launcher android makes it easy to find your favorite apps, keep in touch with your friends and stay up to date on the important things in life.

arrow launcher theme is available worldwide and has been translated into all major languages.

“Incredibly good” -Android Central “The best and better Android launcher

“He knows you better than you” -Android PIT

Arrow Launcher Theme Additional Information

Name: Arrow Launcher
Category: Launchers
Latest Version:
Package Name:
Updated On: Apr 05, 2021
Uploaded by:
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Developed By: Microsoft Corporation
File Size: 7.99 MB

Arrow Launcher.apk Description

Microsoft Arrow Launcher is a launch application developed by Microsoft with a nice and practical interface. There are no exciting new features, but it provides everything Android users need with such a tool.

Microsoft Arrow Launcher is divided into three screens. The center (which is also the default screen) displays a complete list of the most used and recently used apps. You can also swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see a list of all apps (including the search bar).

The screen on the left of the home screen contains the people you communicate with the most. From there, you can also send emails and messages and search for these people.

The screen on the right shows upcoming events and alarms in your calendar. Swipe just to see upcoming alarms, birthdays, and meetings.

Microsoft Arrow Launcher is a great launcher for Android with some very useful features and a great interface. In fact, you can even choose a daily wallpaper from Bing’s options to update to today’s photo.

Features of Arrow Launcher.apk

  • Apps: Ultimate customization. Organize your apps as needed or categorize your apps according to your daily use.
  • Recent activity: You can quickly return to your latest activity, such as calling, texting, photos, downloading files, installing apps, and more. All important actions are just a push.
  • People: You no longer need to search the phone’s contact list. You can easily find and communicate with the people who are most important to you.
  • Reminders: Do not forget anything again. Integration with Wunderlist gives you access to reminders from your computer, web, or phone.
  • Documents: Access your most important Office documents in the cloud and easily share them with your friends.
  • People are at hand.
  • Have your most important people on hand.
  • Attach people to your home screen and place them anywhere on your home screen, dock, or folder
    Choose your look.
  • Customize the look of your device by customizing wallpapers, theme and accent colors, icon packs, gestures, and more.
  • Especially feed.
  • With a custom stream, you can see the most important information at a glance, including news, calendar events, documents, and contacts.
  • You can also set the flow as the default homepage.
  • Continue on your computer. Take a photo with your mobile phone and view it directly on your Windows computer
  • Alternatively, you can connect your phone to your Windows computer and continue editing Office 365 documents on your computer.
  • Search the web and mobile phones in one place. Use Microsoft Launcher’s universal search bar to search the web or files, apps, documents, messages, and web results.
  • Adjust movement. By customizing the gestures in detail, you can double-click to lock your smartphone or swipe up to access the applause.

About Arrow Launcher.apk

arrow launcher wallpaper is a Microsoft Garage project provided by the creators of Next Lock Screen, the ultimate productivity lock screen. Microsoft Garage turns new ideas into real projects. Garage information:


By installing arrow launcher icon pack app, you agree to the Terms of Use ( and Privacy Policy (

What’s New in Arrow Launcher.apk

Welcome to arrow launcher.apk version 3.2!

  • Application page: Hide the icon title. Lock the position of apps and widgets. Mobile app drawing icon (like a shortcut widget); add a blank exercise sheet
  • DateTime widget Displays the next alarm time. Supports the climate in different cities
  • Settings: Introduction of new features in video widgets
  • Document: Compatible with PDF format

Thank you for your ongoing support of the arrow launcher apk!

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