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SaveMySnaps APK

SaveMySnaps APK allows you to save and share Snapchat. It also offers features not found on Snapchat.
To view or save the snapshot, the sender does not know until you ask SaveMySnaps to peSaveMySnaps APK

rform the operation. There are also features that Snapchat doesn’t have. When viewing or saving a snapshot, the sender does not know until he requests SaveMySnaps to be notified.

SaveMySnaps APK is a Snapchat tool with many features not available in the actual Snapchat app. This app is currently available for Android as is. Of course, messages, photos, and Snapchat entries will be removed after a while. This is really the core logic behind Snapchat.

SaveMySnaps APK screenshots

Anyway, as the name implies, SaveMySnaps can save all the snaps you get on your phone. There are also many additional benefits that make save my snaps.apk a dangerous but very valuable app for Snapchat users.


Savemysnaps apk Additional Information

Name: SaveMySnaps
Category: Free Tools APP
Latest Version:
Package Name: com.liamcottle.savemysnapsplus
Updated On: 2015-01-01
Uploaded by:
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Developed By: Liam Cottle
File Size: 3.92 MB

Features of save my snaps.apk:

  1. Snapchat style interface
  2. Save photo
  3. Save story
  4. Send photos from the camera and gallery
  5. Resubmit received snapshots or stories
  6. Add subtitles to your photos
  7. Draw with a snap
  8. Fonts and colors
  9. Gallery to view saved and sent photos
  10. Remove ads with in-app purchases
  11. Share photos via social media, email, and other downloaded apps
  12. Special drawing effect
  13. Photo filter
  14. Share photos via savemysnaps app
  15. When you log in tosave my snaps apk, the official Snapchat app will log you out. There is nothing I can do.
  16. -Send photos from the gallery
  17. Send photos from the camera (rear camcorder only)
  18. Zoom in camera when taking photos and videos
  19. Send photos from the saved gallery
  20. Add subtitles to your photos
  21. Draw with a snap
  22. Custom font
  23. A great palette of colors when drawing.
  24. Gallery to view saved and sent photos
  25. Remove ads with in-app purchases
  26. Share photos via social media, email, and other downloaded sharing apps
  27. You will remain logged in unless you log in elsewhere
  28. Painting effect
  29. filter
  30. Setting
  31. Automatically save snapshots when viewed
  32. Automatically save when the story is displayed
  33. Select the image to display after display
  34. Message (in-app usage information)
  35. Delete all saved photos and stories
  36. go out

Instructions about save my snaps for android:

  • SaveMySnaps APK gives you access to the ability to upload photos, videos and stories about how to share stories on the platform. Therefore, this app will help you to download all the media shared on Snapchat.
  • Not only can you download photos and videos with Save My Snap for Android, but you can also use this amazing protector to download stories directly to your Ansmartphone.
  • save my snaps for android allows you to load almost any popular media content on your platform without worrying about warnings.
  • save my snaps for android also helps you download all media files, including photos, videos, and stories posted on Snapchat. It also helps to remove screenshots to save important images.
  • It’s completely free.
  • Everything is available with an attractive interface.
  • Save snapshot/history
  • Click the purple and white save my snaps for android icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select Save.
  • Showed highlights / screenshots / moments played
  • While viewing the plugin, tap the white and purple SaveMySnaps icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select the action you want Snap to perform.
  • Update photos / stories
  • Drag the list down to update it.
  • Send add-ons from the device gallery
  • Click the gallery icon in the upper right corner of the camera screen, select the media type, then select the recipient.
  • Record video
  • Press and hold the round icon at the bottom center of the camera and the device will start recording. It will stop automatically after 10 seconds or when the video reaches 2.5MB. To stop recording, tap the stop icon.
  • View saved and sent photos/stories
  • Scroll down to the list of snapshots and tap the gallery icon in the upper right corner.
  • The saved snapshot and story are displayed. You can swipe left or right to view the saved and submitted snapshots/stories.
  • To view your photos and videos in full-screen mode, just click on the thumbnails that appear.
  • Send the saved plugin as a plugin
  • Tap the thumbnail in the Snap Gallery, then tap the white icon and purple save my snaps.apk in the upper right corner of the screen, select Send as Snap to edit, and select the recipient.
  • Add subtitles to your photos
  • After selecting or taking a photo, press the “T” icon in the photo editor. You can now add a title. To close the keyboard, drag the title to the desired location or click another location.
  • Change subtitle font
  • Press and hold the “T” icon to select a font from the list.
  • Change the color of the image
  • Tap the pencil icon and tap anywhere on the color wheel to select a color. Swipe left or right on the swatch beneath the color wheel to adjust the darkness.
  • Select a paint effect
  • Hold down the pencil icon and select a drawing effect from the list.
  • Set the display time for Snapchat
  • Tap the clock icon in the lower-left corner of the photo editor (the video will adjust automatically) and select the playback time.
  • Send a snapshot to your friends or as a story.
  • Tap the right double arrow icon at the bottom left of the photo editor, then select the recipients you want to send the plug-in to.
  • Then click the double arrow icon again.
  • Features under development
  • Delete story
  • chat
  • Signature / Drawing
  • When you log in to SaveMySnaps, you will be automatically logged out of the official Snapchat app. You can’t do anything about this.

The message is now displayed instantly. If you do not receive the notification, it is because you are logged in by email. Please log in with your username for notifications to work. We will soon release an update to fix this!

save my snaps.apk can be very slow. This isn’t a SaveMySnaps issue, but the fact that Snapchat’s servers take forever to respond. I’m not Snapchat, so there’s nothing I can do about it. You’ll also notice that the official Snapchat app is also slow. I hope Snapchat solves this problem.

Snapchat Spam:

I have received many messages about weight loss spam being sent to people. You can see that savemysnaps apk does not send this.


  • The camera may not move. I’m working on it! However, this application is primarily aimed at saving insurance.
  • The camera flash may not work.
  • I can’t say it right away.
  • “Chat” is not possible.
  • You cannot delete or block your friends.
  • Some video subtitles cannot be saved.

More About SaveMySnaps APK?

This tool is a great Snapchat tool. You can use savemysnaps app to log in to your Snapchat account with your Snapchat username and password.

However, if you sign in from Save My Snaps, you will of course be signed out of the original Snapchat app. That is, you cannot use both programs at the same time.

Save your photos to your device and upload them from your photo collection. This is arguably the main component of the SaveMySnaps application. Senders will not be notified if they have viewed or saved their photos using the Save My Photos feature (if not needed).

You can transfer or share any plugin through this app. There are many full-fledged features available in the app, such as photo editing, custom lighting styles, filters, and paint effects.

The app is free and you don’t need to unlock your device. Conveniently paid upgrades may be available.

Now that you have provided the secret, download the SaveMySnaps APK file from the link below. Install the APK, launch the app, save snapshots of your friends and family, and start sharing with others through the same app. Download the file and get started right away.

SaveMySnaps Apk – At A Glance:

This application allows you to take screenshots and recordings anonymously. It was very popular in the shortest period of its existence.

The app is also known for its popular stories and filters that add something really fun to your interactive photos and videos.

Users can also send photos and snapshots to chat later. In addition, there is a particular type of criterion that all common things disappear after 24 hours.

What’s New in  v6.1.1.1

  1. Yes, another update is coming in a few days.
  2. Fixed saving of submitted snapshots … corrupted after modification (in 6.1.1) and prevented cache files from appearing in the device’s photo gallery.
  3. Fixed “grouped” stories as well. The displayed icon was displayed regardless of whether it was seen or not. Now it will only be visible if you look at the story.
  4. Cache files are hidden from the gallery
  5. Get changes in Snapchat that you hope your best friends won’t find.

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