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GameBoid APK

A Gameboy Advance emulator for your cellphone

GameBoid APK

GameBoid is a very popular GameBoy Advance emulator optimized for Android. Game Boy, also known as GBAoid, is one of the best Game Boy Advance emulators for Android operating systems. why? Not only can you control the entire catalog with this Nintendo gaming computer, but it’s also very simple because it’s completely free to play.

Perhaps the best feature of the emulator is that it makes GBA games easy to operate and run with almost no problems without slowing down, and has all the benefits you can expect from an emulator of this quality (trick,). “Saved state”, controls are adaptable).

GameBoid Android Emulator Screenshots

The only downside to the emulator that can scare the most ridiculous ass is that it has to find your own Game Boy Advance BIOS. In any case, this can take less than 5 minutes with proper guidance.

GameBoid (GBAoid) is the easiest and most effective way to enjoy classics such as FINAL FANTASY VI, FINAL FANTASY Tactics, Fire Emblem, and Advance Wars on your Android smartphone or tablet.


Additional Information

Category:Emulator APP
Latest Version:2.4.7
Package Name:com.androidemu.gba
Updated On:Apr 4th, 2013
Uploaded by:
Requirements:Android 4.0 and up
Developed By:Yalaa
File Size:0.74 MB


  • Highest compatibility compared to other GBA emulators running on mobile devices.
  • Run most games at full speed with sound.
  • A transparent and adjustable on-screen keyboard
  • Save/load game state at any time!
  • Game battery saving mode.
  • Incorrect
  • Fast forward (turbo)
  • Switch between multiple key profiles

* Note *: We offer this app for a limited period of time (such as 2 weeks) for free to already pay Android Market users. Thank you for understanding!

GameBoid for Android Latest Version 2.4.7

GameBoid (also known as GBAoid) is a barefoot emulator that can turn your Android device into a classic Game Boy Advance console. The first Nintendo game console provided us with a great game.

If the old Game Boy Advance stopped working, or if you didn’t have the opportunity to play the legendary Nintendo game at the time, you can now play it on Android. You need to download the APK file for this emulator.

Play the mythical GBA game again

If you’re looking for a Game Boy Advance emulator for your Android device and don’t want to make life difficult, GameBoid (or GBAoid) is for you. This is a simple and free application with great features.

This tool turns our Android into a GBA. In this way, you can play the game on both horizontal and vertical screens, but you can also download tricks, speed up the game, and take screenshots. You can also save the game at any time and continue where you left off, even if the game itself doesn’t have a save option.

However, this is just an emulator. That is, the game is not included (for obvious reasons). A matching ROM is required to play any of the GBA games.

Also, before playing the game, you need to get the Game Boy Advance BIOS file and manually search for the game saved in the appropriate folder. This can cause lazy users to get lost.

GameBoid is a very popular GameBoy Advance emulator optimized for Android.

  • Highest compatibility compared to all other GBA emulators running on mobile devices.
  • Run most games at full speed with the sound-Customizable transparent keyboard on the screen
  • Save/load game state everywhere!
  • In-game battery saver mode
  • Cheat
  • Fast forward (turbo)-Switch between multiple key profiles

* Note *: Only for a limited time (eg 2 weeks) this app as Android Market users have already paid Satisfied to make it free. Thank you for understanding!

Game Boy: Emulator for one of the most iconic handheld devices. For those unfamiliar with the Gameboid APK application as a kid, there is a great opportunity to do that using a smartphone.

For example, the Gameboid APK screen was initially small because the text wasn’t readable. Download the Gameboid APK to your device. This is very easy. That way, you can enjoy much higher quality old family games.

Perhaps the best thing about the Game Boy APK is its simplicity. This gives you easy control over your GBA game without slowing it down.

The emulator also has all the features you can expect, such as saving and changing keys. The only downside to the Gameboid APK app is that you have to find your own Game Boy Advance BIOS. Either way, it’s not difficult and it won’t take more than 5 minutes if you’re in the right direction.

The Gameboid APK app is the easiest and most efficient way to enjoy classic games such as FINAL FANTASY VI, FINAL FANTASY tactics, Fire Emblem and Advance Wars on your Android phone or tablet.


  • Transfer ROM to internal memory /SD card anywhere
  • Go to them from the app
  • The default SD card directory for most devices is/mnt/sdcard.
  • ROM must be in .gba format and optionally a .zip file.

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