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Espier Launcher.apk iOS7 is the iOS7 style version of the most popular and best iOS app (Espier Launcher) for Android devices. With this version, you can experience the perfect Android app with iOS7 fonts, icons, search pages, wallpapers, and animations. Now you can feel the simplicity of iOS 7 on your Android device!

Espier Launcher.apk 7 is an Android launcher that erases all the features of Google’s operating system at once and replaces it with iOS 7 which is available on all Apple devices since iPhone 5.

Espier Launcher Android 3.6.2

The most striking thing about Espier Launcher 7 is the ease of switching interfaces. When installing the application, press the home button and select Espier 7 to turn your Android device into an iPhone.

The layout of all the icons on your device will automatically adjust to look like the iOS 7 icons, as will the layout (messages, phones, contacts, browsers appear in the bottom bar). You can also further customize its interface by installing some of the other applications recommended by Espier Launcher 7.

Espier Launcher 7 is probably the most effective launcher for anyone trying to touch Android from iOS, not only works well but also very fast. If you’re tired of this, just uninstall it and it will revert to the old interface.


espier launcher ios 7 Additional Information

Name: Espier Launcher
Category: Android Launchers
Latest Version: 1.2.4
Package Name: cn.fmsoft.launcher2
Updated on: Aug 19th, 2015
Uploaded by:
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Developed By: Espier Studio
File Size: 4.8 MB

Main Features of Espier Launcher.apk:

1. IOS7 style: Clarifies the entire experience:

  • Excellent implementation of iOS 7 home screen effects and features.
  • Excellent iOS7 style animation.
  • Dynamic clock and calendar icons.
  • Dynamic colors of headings and indicators according to the wallpaper.

2. The perfect combination of beautiful iOS 7 styles and the latest Android features:

  • Hassle-free widget support. You can have multiple widget pages (up to 8). (You will have to pay an additional license).
  • Full management of shortcuts.

3. Dozens of switches or options to help Launcher match your Android device exactly:

  • Do not use or do not use the widget page.
  • View all widgets on a single widget page or use multiple widget pages.
  • Display the widget page on the icon page or display the individual widget page.
  • Powerful customization of icon design. You can customize the icon size, icon layout (columns and rows), icon size, and title color.

4. Unique support for multiple languages. Dozens of languages are supported.
5. The AppHub folder will notify you to update your application on time.
6. Other features or extensions:

  • Design your own icon. You can apply layouts to specific categories of icons, not just one icon.
  • Hide and/or block the icon (you will have to pay an additional license).
  • There are dozens (and more) of themes available to change the style of your icons.
  • Dozens of plugins (more and more) available to extend functionality. Icon mark when using espier notification ios7’s messaging plug-in.
  • You can easily get your favorite backgrounds and icons from the online gallery.
  • It combines Android and iOS designs.
  • Customize icons and widgets.
  • See icon notifications as you would on an iPhone.
  • Choose from dozens of graphic themes.

Important Notes about Espier Launcher.apk:

1. The main features of espier notification ios 7 application are free and this application does not contain any third-party ads. But

  • You need to pay 1000 Espi Eco Inn to get an additional license to delete the AppHub folder.
  • You must pay 600 Espi Eco Inn to get an additional license to change the default search engine.
  • You must pay 900 Espi Eco Inn to get an additional license to view the widget page.
  • To save images in the online gallery, you need to register for this feature (500 Espi Eco Inn in 30 days).

2. espier launcher ios7 apk coin is a cryptocurrency, and 1000 espier launcher apk coin is worth US $ 5.00. However, if you continue to access Espier Launcher.apk’s mobile portal from Espier Launcher.apk, you will receive gift coins.

You can earn some VOLUNTEER tokens by recording a valid bug in your bug tracking system ( or suggesting the Espier app to your friends.

As a result, you can buy a license without actual payment! For more information on Espier Coins, see / en / developers / blog / espier-micro-portal-personal-center-released /.

Espier Launcher.apk for Android 3.6.2

Download Espier Launcher for free and enjoy iOS graphics style along with Android features. Espier Launcher turns your Android into an iPhone

Are you jealous of not having an iPhone? espier launcher ios 7 apk is a Google application that transforms the Android interface and reproduces iOS style without sacrificing the best features of the system.

Complete your device’s transformation with Espier Launcher.apk

espier launcher 7 changes wallpapers, desktops, and icons to make it look like that of an iPhone. It also uses the same effects and features. You can also give your phone or tablet its own capabilities when using this application in combination with other extensions such as display trays and messaging tools from the same company.

What’s New in Espier Launcher 7 v1.4.4

  1. Fix some bugs.

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