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360 Root apk

Are you using an Android smartphone or tablet? If yes, are you looking for a root app to root your device? If the answer is yes again, you are on the correct page. Simply download the 360 Root apk from here, install it on your Android device, and press the root button to eradicate it immediately.

360 Root APK is a small utility tool that allows you to root your device without much problem. This app uses your device with just one click and gives you unlimited access to games and other restricted apps.

360 root app screenshots

One feature that distinguishes 360 Root APKs from other root apps is that you don’t need a computer to root your smartphone. Just install the application on your device and that’s it. Also, unlike other apps, APK 360 Root is updated regularly, which makes it popular with many users.

With 360 Super ROOT, you can gain superuser privileges for Android and other features to optimize operating system performance.

Android super server permissions allow you to access operating system features hidden on your device without root, while also disabling features that help save battery power.

360 Root apk is a small Android utility app that allows you to use your Android smartphone or tablet without hassle. The developers of this app claim that this app is compatible with over 9000 devices.

In short, you can use this app to root almost any major brand of Android device.


Additional Information

Name:360 ROOT
Latest Version:
Package Name:com.qihoo.permmgr
Updated On:2018-03-16
Uploaded by:
Requirements:Android 4.0 and up
Developed By:StartApp
File Size:8.14 MB


  • The 360 ​​Route APK is completely free.
  • With this application, you can root your device in minutes.
  • It’s flexible and easy to use.
  • 360 Root APK supports over 9000 models of smartphones and tablets from over 500 different brands.
  • These are not complicated steps and you don’t need to explain how to root your device through this app. It’s a one-click app!
  • APK 360 Root not only roots your device but also improves overall device performance by removing unwanted caches and junk from your smartphone or tablet.
  • This application can also remove pre-installed applications to increase device memory.
  • You can also use this app to lock your device gallery and lock your device efficiently. In other words, it improves the privacy of your device.
  • The user interface of this app is easy to navigate, so you don’t have to work hard.
  • You can also customize your smartphone settings with the 360 ​​Root APK. This app provides more basic functionality for exploring the features of your device as you like.
  • Routing your device through the APK 360 Root removes the bloatware pre-installed on your smartphone, which reduces battery life and thus extends your smartphone’s battery life.
  • One of the best features of 360 Root APK is to clean your smartphone or tablet system as well, so you don’t need to install another “System Cleaning” app.

Get operating system superuser privileges

360 Root apk is an application developed by the Chinese company Kihoo that can be used to eradicate Android without the tools installed on your computer.

In fact, the application not only gets superuser permissions but also has the ability to optimize smartphone performance by cleaning up the operating system, like CCleaner and Clean Master.

In other words, you can use this application to eradicate Android. You can also get a set of tools to clean up and optimize your phone for much faster and better behavior.

360 Root App Features

1) One-click root:

The 360 Root apk app provides one-click route access. In other words, you can get root privileges on your Android device by pressing the Root button on this app.

2) Simple user interface:

Rooting your device with this application makes it easy to work with a simple user interface. To root your device, simply install the 360 Root apk file from here and click the Root button.

3) Remove the pre-installed apps.

You can use 360 Root apk to uninstall unwanted pre-installed system apps from your device. This is one of the best features of this application.

4) Lock Android Gallery:

360 Root apk makes it easy to lock your gallery on your Android smartphone or tablet. With another gallery lock app, you can immediately uninstall and use 360 ​​routes.

5) Delete the cache.

You can use this app to clear the cached data on your device. In this way, you can easily improve the performance of your device.

Points To Remember

  1. The 360 Security Center officially offers 360 Root apk. Therefore, you need to take out all the loans.
  2. The developers of this app claim that 360 Root apk for Android helps root more than 9,000 Android devices and makes it one of the best Android root apps with one click.
  3. If this root app is not compatible with your Android device, please try one of these alternatives on the root tools page.
  4. If your Android device is not rooted with the 360 Root apk One Click Rooting app, try one of the following: KingRoot, Framaroot, iRoot, Towelroot, or Root Genius.

If you encounter any errors while installing or using this app, please let us know in the comments below.

Current version

The app has released over 22 versions over the years, the latest version is 8.13 and the installation size is 8.14MB.











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